How to change Gear in Temtem

A guide on how to change and unequip Gear in Temtem.

In Temtem, you have the ability to acquire helpful pieces of Gear, and change the Gear your Temtem hold as needed. The more Gear you pick up, the more you’ll want to swap things around. Confused on how you do this? Read on to learn how to quickly change Gear in Temtem!

How to change Gear in Temtem

How to change Gear in Temtem
You can unequip a piece of Gear from a Temtem by viewing the Temtem in your Squad and pressing TAB to change Gear. 
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  • Press ESC to open your menu, then select Squad.
  • Select the Temtem holding the Gear you need, then press TAB to change or unequip the item.
  • You can find the Gear in your Backpack and can assign it to a new Temtem at any time.

Temtem is full of useful pieces of Gear to give to your Temtem. From the Coward’s Cloak that lets you XP share with a Temtem to the Umbrella which reduces the damage that Temtem takes from Water Types by 20%, it can be fun to swap Gear around as needed. For example, if you’re done XP sharing with a Temtem and need to level up a different Temtem, you can remove the Coward’s Cloak and reassign it.

Wondering what you need to do to change your Gear?

Well, first you need to press ESC to open your menu. From there, select Squad. Click on the Temtem and then press TAB to change or unequip the Gear they’re holding. In doing so, the Gear will return to the Gear tab in your Backpack. You can change and reassign Gear as much as you like in Temtem.

One thing we also want to note is that if you plan to store your Temtem, it’s worth unequipping the Gear they’re holding beforehand. That way, the Gear won’t go to waste with a Temtem you aren’t currently using.

Now that you know how to change and unequip Gear in Temtem, be sure to read through some of our other helpful guides including where to get a Pigepic in Temtem, whether you can get a house in Temtem, and how to refill your Temessence Vial in Temtem.

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