Get the Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2

You've got a lot of work cut out for you if you want to get the Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2.

Season of Dawn is still a good month out from finishing — the end date is March 10, in case you were wondering — but players are already looking ahead. If you want to make sure you close out this period of your Guardian’s life properly, you should learn how to get the Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2 so you can claim that Savior title. Ready to learn more! Let’s get to work on earning that Destiny 2 Season of Dawn badge then! Be warned, it is a lot of work.

Get the Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2

Get the season of dawn badge in destiny 2 - two guardians explore a cave
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To get the Season of Dawn Badge in Destiny 2, you need to obtain a load of specific equipment. This will take a lot of work, so unless you’re part of the way there already, you may not have enough time left before the season ends. Still, no harm in trying, right? Here are all the items, emblems and shaders you need to get the Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2.

Weapons and items

  • Timeswept Shell
  • Increase the Resonance Rank of an Obelisk 40 times.
  • Symmetry Exotic
  • Devil's Ruin Exotic
  • Bastion Exotic
  • Komodo-4FR
  • Python
  • Buzzard

    • The full seasonal armor from the Sundial or Battle Pass

      • Righteous Helmet
      • Righteous Arms
      • Righteous Chest
      • Righteous Boots
      • Righteous Class Item
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    Crucible quests

    • Crucible Prestige Shader 
      • Beat 900 Guardians as a team
      • Achieve Brave Valor rank
      • Get 5 Crucible wins
    • No Quarter Emblem
      • Defeat 2000 Guardians as a team
      • Achieve Heroic Valor rank
      • Rapidly defeat Guardians 5 times

    Nightfall/Strike Vanguard quests

    • Vanguard Nightbeam Shader 
      • Defeat 30 bosses in Nightfalls or playlist strikes
      • Earn 400,000 Nightfall points
      • Defeat 450 enemies using Solar damage
    • Tactician Emblem
      • Defeat 75 bosses in Nightfalls or playlist strikes
      • Earn 1,000,000 Nightfall points
      • Defeat 675 enemies using Solar damage

    Gambit quests

    • Gambit Jadestone Shader
      • Defeat 600 enemies
      • Achieve Heroic Infamy rank
      • Bank 600 motes
    • Team Player Emblem
      • Defeat 1,400 enemies
      • Achieve Fabled Infamy rank
      • Earn a 150 streak of enemies defeated

    Wrap up everything on that list and you’ll have earned yourself the very prestigious Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2. All that work is only one of the stages required to get the Savior title however, so you’ll need to put in even more hours if you want to grab that as well! All we have to say at this point is good luck, Guardian. We believe in you! What’s that, you want more challenges? Try the links below on for size:

    Don’t let them distract you from the path to get the Season of Dawn badge in Destiny 2 though! If you have any tips and tricks to speed up the journey, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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