Recovering the Past Destiny 2 guide

Learn how to complete the Recovering the Past quest in Destiny 2 to earn the Perfect Paradox shotgun.

If you’ve noticed that time is running our for Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn, you may be looking to wrap up several of the key quests. Recovering the Past is a mission which will reward you with the Perfect Paradox shotgun, Saint-14’s legendary weapon. There are several stages to this quest, and you’ll likely want to equip a decent shotgun of your own before you start. Once you’re ready, read on for our Recovering the Past Destiny 2 guide.

Recovering the Past Destiny 2 guide

Recovering the past quest guide destiny 2 get the Perfect Paradox
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Recovering the Past comes with several quest steps. Grab the mission from Osiris and you’ll be given the first step called Field Research. This requires you to defeat three bosses. Lost Sectors don’t count, so your best bet is to run the Sundial or enter Strikes.

With the bosses down you’ll be given the Vex Data Collection quest step. This asks you to rack up 25 melee kills and 100 shotgun kills. It doesn’t matter what enemies you score them on, so feel free to work on your other missions or take part in public events while you’re at it.

Finally you’ll be given the Finishing Touches quest step. This asks you to complete a Pyramidion run — you can find this on Io —  before snagging five weapon enhancers. The weapon enhancers are earned by playing through Gambit, Crucible or Strike matches, so pick your poison, really. We recommend forming a fireteam with friends before you take on this stage.

With all tasks complete, return to Osiris and he’ll hand over the Perfect Paradox shotgun, easy peasy! To be as clear as possible, here’s a summary of each step in the Recovering the Past quest.

  • Speak to Osiris to get Recovering the Past.
  • Field Research: Defeat three bosses (Sundial or Strikes).
  • Vex Data Collection: Earn 25 melee kills and 100 shotgun kills.
  • Finishing Touches: Complete a Pyramidion run (Io) and collect five weapon enhancers.

Congratulations! You now know how to beat the Recovering the Past quest in Destiny 2 and can add the Perfect Paradox to your collection. There’s plenty more to be done in Season of Dawn, however, especially if you want a shot at obtaining the Season of Dawn badge. Good luck, guardians!

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