Get the Vow Bow in Destiny 2

The Vow Bow is a time-limited weapon for Destiny 2's Crimson Days event. Here's how to get it.

Destiny 2 has added the Vow Combat Bow, a new time-limited weapon players can earn during the Crimson Days event. Well, when we say “new,” it’s really been available in previous Crimson Days events, but hey, it’s new this year. This masterworked weapon is well worth picking up, so in this guide we’ll take you through how to get the Vow Bow in Destiny 2 and everything else you should know about it.

Get the Vow Bow in Destiny 2

Get the vow bow in Destiny 2 crimson days
The Vow bow can only be earned during the Crimson Days event. 
© Bungie

The Vow bow has arrived in previous Crimson Days events for Destiny 2, and this year is no different. It’s a Legendary Combat Bow which takes up an Energy slot instead of Kinetic, making it an interesting loadout choice. You can only get it during the Crimson Days event, so you’d best move fast if you want to unlock this exclusive item.

To get the Vow Bow in Destiny 2 you need to buy it from Lord Shaxx during the Crimson Days event. It’ll cost you 100 Confectionery Hearts, which you can rack up by playing Crucible matches during the Crimson Days event. It’s not a huge number, so as long as you don’t quit out from your matches, you shouldn’t have much trouble obtaining the Vow in Destiny 2. Crimson days runs for a week, meaning you have from February 11-18 to obtain it.

All perks for the Vow bow

The Vow Bow perks destiny 2
The Vow bow rewards precision in Destiny 2.
© Bungie

As we mentioned at the start of this article, the Vow arrives fully Masterworked. It arrives with a specific set of perks that encourage you to be precise with your shots. Aim for the heart, as it is the Crimson Days event after all. Here are the perks for the Vow bow:

  • Lightweight Frame: Allows you to draw the bow more quickly and move faster while it’s equipped.
  • Polymer String: Slighty reduces draw time and slightly increases accuracy.
  • Natural Fletching: Slightly reduces accuracy but greatly increases stability.
  • Rapid Hit: Landing rapid precision hits temporarily increases weapon stability and reload speed.
  • Archer’s Tempo: Every precision hit reduces draw time.

If you can keep landing those precision hits, the Vow bow will go from strength to strength in matches of the Crucible. How lucky is your aim feeling these days?

Now that you know how to get the Vow bow in Destiny 2, you’re ready to rain down arrows of love on your enemies. Or was that death? We never could quite tell. If you’re a bow user, you may need to consider the Vow bow as a replacement to Le Monarque (here’s how to get that, if you haven’t already). Now get out there and enjoy the Crimson Days event, Guardians! For more information on the event itself, click here to learn the start and end date for Crimson Days as well as how to get Confectionery Hearts.

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