Crimson Days guide for Destiny 2

The Crimson Days event is here for Destiny 2. Learn how to get Confectionery Hearts and unlock new items during the week's festivities.

Destiny 2’s Valentine’s event is here, giving those Guardians lucky enough to find a special someone the chance to enjoy spending time with each other. Time killing aliens and other Guardians together, of course. If you want to know the start time and end date of this year’s Crimson Days event, as well as how to rack up the Confectionery Hearts, we’re here to help. Our Crimson Days guide for Destiny 2 will help you impress that special someone by earning the limited-time weapons and cosmetics during the event.

How to play the Crimson Days event in Destiny

Crimson Days start date end date Destiny 2
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The Crimson Days event is available to all Destiny 2 players, but you will need to have reached Power level 790, as well as having beaten the first mission in which you escape the Cosmodrome and reach the Tower. So long as these simple requirements are met, you’ll be able to talk to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to kick off Crimson Days.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days start date and end date

This year’s Crimson Days event start date is February 11. It’s a week-long event, starting from the weekly reset. The Crimson Days end date is February 18, seven days later. You have the full week to take part in all the Crimson Days activities, giving you a chance to earn the Vow Bow and more.

What’s new in Crimson Days 2020

Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event new items
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Crimson Days Doubles

The Crimson Days event for 2020 brings a few exciting features and challenges, but the biggest new addition is the Crimson Days Doubles mode. This 2v2 battle pits you and a partner against another power couple, with some special adjustments made to encourage team play. Here are the modifiers to be aware of in Crimson Days Doubles:

  • Reunited: Abilities recharge faster while close to your partner
  • Falling Apart: Waypoints will point out the location of your partner when they’re far away.
  • Vengeance: You heal slightly and gain dramatically reduced ability cooldowns when your teammate dies.

New items

During the Crimson Days event, Lord Shaxx will offer up several new items to purchase. Most of these are one-off buys that will cost you Confectionery Hearts, the resource earned during the event. See below for how to earn them. 

The Warmhearted Gift is a special item you can purchase as many times as you want. Give it to another Guardian and they’ll find a random gift as a treat. Here’s everything Lord Shaxx will be selling:

  • The Vow Bow
  • Dieselpunk Ornament
  • Undeterred Sparrow
  • SVC-12 Sparrow
  • IVC-10 Sparrow
  • Tirastrella Shell
  • Flaunting Dance
  • Warmhearted Gift.
Everything new in Destiny 2 Crimson Days event
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New Triumphs

Bungie has unveiled several new Triumphs to work on during the week of love. Here’s what each asks of you:

  • Labor of Love: Complete Crimson Days Triumphs.
  • Heart's Desire: Collect each of the Crimson Days rewards offered by Lord Shaxx.
  • I'm with You: Complete Crimson Days matches.
  • Love Conquers All: Win Crimson Days matches.
  • Homewrecker: As a fireteam, defeat Guardians while they are affected by the "Reunited" buff. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.
  • Divide and Conquer: As a fireteam, defeat Guardians separated from their partner. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.
  • Heartless: As a fireteam, defeat Guardians while they seek vengeance for their fallen ally. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.
  • Love Avenged: Earn Blood for Blood medals by avenging your fallen ally. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.
  • Looking for Love: Complete Crimson Days bounties.
  • Two to Tango: Complete a Nightfall in a fireteam of two.

How to get Confectionery Hearts in Crimson Days

How to get Confectionery Hearts in Destiny 2 Crimson Days event
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Confectionery Hearts are the event resource used to purchase the items sold by Lord Shaxx. To get Confectionery Hearts in Destiny 2, all you need to do is take part in the regular Crimson Days bounties. 

Completing bounties and playing matches during the Crimson Days event will reward you with Confectionery Hearts, building up a tidy supply to be spent at Shaxx’s place in the Tower. Don’t forget to spend them before the event ends on February 18 or all those hearts will be for nothing! Remember that multiple characters can all run the same bounties, meaning you can triple the haul of Confectionery Hearts each day.

As much as it’s ostensibly about love, the Crimson Days event in Destiny 2 will likely see most players spending their time in the Crucible, shooting each other to bits. But hey, at least they’ll be doing it with a friend at their side. That’s love! Hopefully this Crimson Days guide has helped you get to grips with the weeklong event, and will see you getting plenty of Confectionery Hearts as you play.

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