Former DayZ project lead heads new THQ studio

A new studio has been opened by THQ Nordic and is headed by one of DayZ's former project leads, David Durcak.

THQ Nordic announced the creation of a new game studio, Nine Rocks Games. The studio is reportedly hard at work on a survival shooter, though further details about the project have yet to be shared. What’s interesting about the project being a survival shooter is the person THQ picked to head the studio given their experience with DayZ.

Former DayZ project lead heads new THQ studio

Former DayZ project lead heads new THQ studio
David Durcak is the CEO of the newest THQ studio, Nine Rocks Games.
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Coming in as studio lead for Nine Rocks Games is ex-DayZ project lead, David Durcak. With David’s experience working on DayZ, it makes sense that the first project developed by Nine Rocks Games’ would be a new survival shooter. Other things of note include the team working at Nine Rocks Games in Bratislava, Slovakia.

According to reports, several people there have prior experience with DayZ along with other shooters like Soldier of Fortune 3. Addressing the creation of Nine Rocks Games, THQ Nordic CEO Klemens Kreuzer stated:

“We welcome the newest addition to the THQ Nordic network of studios: Nine Rocks Games. I personally think it is always a great sign in business when everything just seems to fall into place. The right people at the right time having the right mindset and a meaningful conversation. We are very happy to welcome the Slovak team onboard and are excited about our first project with Nine Rocks Games.”

Meanwhile, David Durcak commented getting everything started at Nine Rocks Games.

“We are very much looking forward to setting up shop in our office, gradually optimizing our team size, and getting to work on our project. With THQ Nordic as a partner, our roster of talent found perfect conditions to collaborate on our first joint project.”

Overall, it’s cool to hear about a new project from a former DayZ project lead. What the project will be – beyond a survival shooter – is anyone’s guess at this point. Until more information is revealed, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on Nine Rocks Games. Are you interested in a new survival shooter? Comment below!

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