Professor Oak coming to Pokemon Masters on February 14

A little Valentine's Day present from the old professor.

A new trailer for Pokemon Masters dropped today revealing the latest Trainer addition. Rather than someone new like Sonia or Hop, this Trainer is a little older… a little wiser. In fact, it’s not a “Trainer” at all but a professor. While nothing’s been explicitly confirmed just yet, Pokemon fans will instantly recognize the undeniable presence of Professor Oak in the trailer.

Professor Oak coming to Pokemon Masters on February 14

Professor Oak coming to Pokemon Masters
Professor Oak is the latest Trainer addition in Pokemon Masters.
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The Pokemon Company uploaded the trailer to the Official Pokemon YouTube channel earlier today, and it’s already caused quite a stir. Coming in just under 30 seconds in length, the trailer showcases the latest “Trainer” coming to Pokemon Masters. Can you guess who it is? In the trailer, we see a Poke Ball on a table before the camera pans out revealing a whiteboard, research papers, and books.

In the background, the new Pokemon Masters character – who could only be Professor Oak – talks about all the time he’s spent absorbed in his research. He goes on to tease that it’s “time to relive the old days a little” before the camera cuts to a man pulling a white lab coat off a chair and putting it on.

We see a shot of him from behind, and the haircut and lab coat combination make it hard to picture anyone else but the enigmatic Professor Oak. The trailer ends by confirming that the character will be arriving in Pokemon Masters on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

We’re extremely excited to see Professor Oak make an appearance in the free-to-play mobile Pokemon game and are curious how his character will interact with other Trainers like Agatha. Until his arrival on February 14, what do you think of the news that Professor Oak is coming to Pokemon Masters? Are you excited? Comment below!

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