How to beat Yareni in Temtem

Which Temtem to bring with you in the fight against Yareni.

In Temtem, one of the hardest Dojo Leader battles is against Yareni, a Toxic and Crystal Tamer. To win against Yareni, you’ll need to solve an ice puzzle and bring Temtem strong enough to withstand Yareni’s team. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a complete guide on how to beat Yareni in Temtem!

How to beat Yareni in Temtem

How to beat Yareni in Temtem
In this guide, we'll walk you through the best Temtem to use in the fight against Yareni and the Quetzal Dojo in Temtem.
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The battle against Yareni comes after you reach Quetzal in Temtem. In order to escape from Quetzal, you’ll need to enlist the help of the town’s Dojo Leader, Yareni.

Of course, in order to get Yareni’s help, you’ll first need to defeat her in battle. Inside Yareni’s Dojo, you’ll find a large, complex ice puzzle. It’s difficult to describe the best way to solve this ice puzzle in words.

Instead of “go here, do this” we sought out the help of YouTube and found this fantastic video from YouTuber Nicky The Husky that quickly shows you exactly what to do in order to get through the ice puzzle in Yareni’s Dojo!

Thank you, Nicky The Husky! Once you’ve made it through the ice puzzle to Yareni, you should use your Temessence Vial to heal up from any previous encounters in the Quetzal Dojo. You’ll also want to keep the Types that Yareni uses in mind when organizing your Temtem.

Below, we’ve listed all of the Temtem that Yareni uses, their Types, levels, and the order in which they appear.

  • Volarend (Lv. 34): Toxic, Wind
  • Myx (Lv. 31): Crystal, Mental
  • Mudrid (Lv. 39): Earth, Crystal
  • Noxolotyl (Lv. 35): Toxic
  • Shuine (Lv. 43): Water, Crystal
  • Gazuma (Lv. 34): Electric, Wind

As you can see from Yareni’s team in Temtem, she primarily uses a mixture of Toxic, Crystal, and Wind Types. Because Yareni uses Temtem at Lv. 31 through Lv. 43, leveling up your Temtem to at least Lv. 31 is strongly recommended, even if you have a Type advantage. Keep in mind that Shuine is Yareni’s strongest Temtem.

Not only is it a Lv. 43 Temtem, it can also be hard to take out using Type advantages given the other Temtem that Yareni sends out at the same time. Because of this, we recommend focusing Shuine if you can. Additionally, it’s worth bringing Balm+ and Revives along with you to keep your most valuable Temtem in the fight.

To help with Type advantages where possible, we’ve listed the Types that are effective against Yareni’s group of Temtem.

  • Wind: Effective against Toxic, weak against Electric.
  • Earth: Effective against Fire, Electric, and Crystal, weak against Water, Nature, and Melee.
  • Melee: Effective against Earth and Crystal, weak against Mental and Digital.
  • Crystal: Effective against Electric and Mental, weak against Fire, Earth, and Melee.
You'll want to strategize which Temtem to send out first to avoid losing valuable Temtem early on in the fight against Yareni.
We had a lot of success using Temtem like Skunch and Gazuma in the fight against Yareni in Temtem. 
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Judging by the weaknesses above, your best bet is to take on Yareni with one or more strong Earth and Melee Types, along with one or two Wind and Crystal Types. That said, be cautious with your Melee Types as they’re weak to Mental, and be careful with your Crystal Types as they’re also weak to Mental along with Electric Types like Yareni’s Gazuma.

If you picked Smazee as your starter, it may be good to bring it along in order to take advantage of its strong Melee Type moves. If you picked Houchic, you may want to have it sit this one out as it’s weak to both Electric and Crystal Types. Finally, if you picked Crystle, you can certainly utilize it here in battle though other Crystal Types with secondary Types like Earth may be a bit more useful.

Overall, Earth Type and Melee Type seem to be the way to go here. There are other options, but you’ll absolutely want to have at least one Earth Type and one Melee Type in your Squad. Below, we’ve put together a list of Temtem we recommend using against Yareni.

Melee Types like…

  • Smazee (Baboong)
  • Skunch
  • Gyalis
  • Mushook

Earth Types like…

  • Bunbun (Mudrid)
  • Zizare

Crystal Types like…

  • Lapinite (Azuroc, Zenoreth)
  • Gyalis
  • Crystle (Sherald)
  • Occlura

Wind Types like…

  • Tuwai
  • Tuvine
  • Paharo (Paharac, Granpah)
  • Zephyruff (Volarend) - Toxic/Wind combo
  • Ganki (Gazuma) - Electric/Wind combo

Of the Temtem listed above, we found that Bunbun (Mudrid) was one of the most effective Temtem during the fight against Yareni thanks to its combination of Earth and Crystal moves. We had some extra help from Skunch thanks to its powerful Melee moves, and we found Gazuma to be helpful against some of Yareni’s combo Temtem like Shuine and Volarend.

By keeping these Temtem in mind, you should be able to defeat Yareni without having to use too many Balm+ and Revives from your Backpack. By defeating Yareni, you’ll earn the following rewards:

  • 2,612 Pacsuns
  • Passage through Quetzal without having to use a disguise.
  • The ability to seek help for the Narwhal.

Note that you’ll need to beat Yareni in order to help those injured from the wreck of the Narwhal, and to move forward to other areas outside of Quetzal. As such, defeating Yareni should be one of your main priorities once you reach Quetzal.

Now that you know how to beat Yareni in Temtem, be sure to read through some of our previous guides including where to get all Gear in Temtem, where to get Gyalis in Temtem, and a full guide on how to breed your Temtem.

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