In-game romances who'll be your video game valentine

Let these video game suitors be your virtual valentine in 2024.

Valentine's Day can be a pretty infuriating experience for those of us lacking a Player 2. The whole world is shouting about their great relationships, and every single advert we see is for couple’s activities or products. Don’t let this one date on the calendar get you down! You’re an absolute catch, and when it comes to gaming there are plenty of virtual suitors willing to lay down their lives (or even hack their way through many others) to be by your side. And here they come now! These are our picks for the best in-game romances to be your video game valentine this February 14.

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A campfire companion - Baldur’s Gate 3

In game valentines dayt romances baldurs gate 3 - Laezel discusses how she would have liked to have
© Larian

You’ve almost certainly heard of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion already. The thirsty, eloquently voiced vampire elf has dominated most of the game’s social chatter (and no shortage of fan art) since the game’s release. But he’s far from the only face you could be kissing this Valentine’s Day. Baldur’s Gate 3’s coterie of lovable companions includes options to slake all thirsts.

Will you choose Gale, the bookish yet charismatic wizard with a literal god of an ex; Karlach, the muscle-bound tiefling barbarian who’s literally too hot to handle; or Wyll the swashbuckling savior of the people hiding a less-than-savory supporter? There’s even a Druid who can transform into a bear and a tentacle-faced mindflayer. Y'know, if either of those are your kind of thing. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 is packed with touching romantic moments to spend with your chosen video game valentine. Provided you don’t mind adventuring for hours in between, that is. If you’re looking to get saucy in record time, though, consider opting for Astarion, Lae’zel, or the domineering Minthara from the get go.

The Constellation crew - Starfield

in-game romances for valentine's day starfield - an image of sarah morgan in a posh room with a fireplace
© Behtesda

Navigating the dark expanse of space can be mighty lonely. Thankfully, Starfield offers a tidy collection of companions to join you on voyages to worlds new. Many are looking for something more, too, with four members of Constellation open to cozying up if you keep them happy. 

So forget the world outside and look to the stars instead this Valentine’s Day. Because it’s time to chart a path directly to Sarah, Barrett, Sam, or Andreja’s heart. Our advice? Forget the mission, set sail to an unknown world, and watch the sun (or indeed suns) rise together as you take in a view no other souls have seen.

Aigis - Persona 3 Reload

video game valentines persona 3 reload - aigis prepares to launch an attack, holding her arms straight in front of her.
© Atlus

Starfield may be far too cowardly to let you romance a robot, but the recent Persona 3 Reload has no such qualms after introducing you to the mysterious Aigis. Created initially as a weapon, Aigis’ holds a key role in Persona 3’s plot, but it’s in watching her discover the world via her Social Link that she really comes to life.

By spending time together, you'll see her grow accustomed an unexpected sense of individuality, developing her more human side and an emotional bond with protagonist Makoto Yuki. Concerned about killing time with a sentient killing machine? You might prefer to build up a connection with Velvet Room attendant Elizabeth instead. She's equally new to the outside world, and a huge fan of takoyaki. That scores a lot of points in our books.

A hot mess of a monster - Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip

in-game romances valentine's day monster prom
© Beautiful Glitch

Despite being killed by them all the time, gamers just can't seem to get enough of monsters. That likely explains the huge success of the relentlessly cheerful Monster Prom series. In this third entry, it's time for you and your friends to hit the road, along with a cohort of attractive werewolves, gorgons, and demons, naturally.

Best played with friends or a partner on the same couch, Monster Roadtrip describes itself as a co-op narrative survival adventure, but you'll be laughing at the writing far more than that description might imply. 

Claude, Edelgard or Dimitri - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

In-game romances who'll be your video game valentine-
© Nintendo

There’s something special about sharing a cup of tea, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses absolutely knows it. It may not be the latest in the series, but it's by far the best when it comes to matters of the heart. This Valentine’s Day, why not share a quiet moment with the heir to an illustrious family from Fodlan? You’ve got your pick between the polite yet haunted Dimitri, the driven and determined Edelgard, or the charming trickster Claude — our choice, every time. Sure, you could dive into the newer title Engage's character roster, but they don't quite measure up to the crew on offer here.

Heck, why stop there? Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Garreg Mach Monastery is practically overflowing with figures looking for an excuse to escape the battlefield and enjoy their time with you. Each has their own unique character and charm — well, maybe not Ferdinand — meaning there’s something here to appeal to everyone. Just make sure you pick the right tea leaves.

A whole host of thirsty vampires - First Bite

video game valentines day dates first bite
© First Bite Games

Released on Valentine's Day 2022, First Bite is a dating sim that wants to get its teeth into you. Literally. A dark comedy LGBTQ+ visual novel, First Bite features three centuries-old vampires to woo. Provided you don't get yourself killed, first. Unlike most visual novels, First Bite includes plenty of ways to be finished off in a far less enjoyable manner on your path to vampiric immortality. There's also the game's expansion, Bad Blood, for those eager to add an extra bite to their experience.

Dead By Daylight's Killers - Hooked on You

Dead by daylight hooked on you in-game romances valentines day
© Behaviour Interactive

You might have noticed a theme in the dating sims of this list. Gamers just can't stop pining for things that will probably kill them. A joke spin-off to Dead by Daylight, Hooked On You is a dating sim set on Murderer's Island, presumably the place all the game's killers hang out in their downtime. Trapper, Spirit, Huntress, and Wraith await, but can you charm them enough for some loving or are you going to be hooked in the more traditional sense? Maybe you'll even manage both.

Triss or Yennefer - The Witcher 3

In game romances wholl be your video game valentine witcher 3 triss yen
© CD Projekt Red

Has Netflix’s The Witcher series left you tempted to return to Geralt’s journey recently? Then take a trip back to Velen this Valentine’s Day to reignite your love with one of The Witcher 3’s standout sorceresses. For those on team Triss, we recommend replaying the A Matter of Life and Death side quest to enjoy a secluded spot of romance in the maze. Stalwart Yennefer shippers can relive the infamous unicorn sequence in Skellige’s The King is Dead - Long Live the King quest, or a more, er, family-friendly romance in The Last Wish quest.

There are plenty of other sorceresses and even less-magical folk for your Geralt to romance during CD Projekt Red’s impeccable RPG, but if you’re lacking save files at the right points, you can always just watch the opening bathtub sequence time and time again. We won’t judge you.

Those are our suggestions for in-game romances who’ll be your video game valentine this week, but why not take the chance to celebrate yourself, as well? Head to the HyperX Store and use code DUO20 in February to snag a discount on some stellar gaming gear. Because gifts don't always have to be for another!

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