Get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2.

Learn how to get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2 so you can upgrade Black Armory weapons with Obsidian Radiance.

The weapons from the Black Armory are pretty sweet, but if you want to power them up even further, you’ll need to get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2. This item lets you obtain Obsidian Radiance and upgrade your Black Armory arsenal. Ready to get started? Let’s help you get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2/

Get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2

Get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2
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On its own, the Obsidian Accelerator isn’t very useful, we want to get it because trading the item to Ada-1 will return the Obsidian Radiance, a powerful Ornament that will boost any of your Black Armory weapons.

To get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2, you need to head to and complete the Bergusia Forge. Click here to learn the Forge locations if you don’t know them already. This is the only spot you’re able to obtain it, so make sure you meet the required power level of roughly 650 before heading in. The Obsidian Accelerator is not a guaranteed drop from the Bergusia Forge, and so far as we can tell, there aren’t any ways of boosting your chances. Put simply, you need to grind the Bergusia Forge to get Obsidian Accelerators in Destiny 2. If you need help with the Drone locations, our friends at Shacknews can help.

Well, technically there is one other way of obtaining an Obsidian Accelerator, but it’s a one-off for completing the Izanagi’s Burden sniper rifle riddle during the Black Armory quests. If you’ve already done that then you’re out of luck and its back to the forge grind.

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Once you’ve collected an Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2, head back to Ada-1 in the tower and open up her shop. On the second screen you should find an option to purchase Obsidian Radiance, paying the Obsidian Accelerator you’ve collected. Do so and you’ll be able to boost your Black Armory weapons to even higher damage numbers.

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