Love Story bounty Destiny 2 guide

How to complete Story Missions for the Love Story bounty in Destiny 2's Crimson Days event.

As the Crimson Days event takes hold of Destiny 2, Guardians have new activities to take on including a new Love Story bounty to complete. This a very simple challenge that sets you to a story mission and shouldn’t take too long to complete, but in case you’re not sure where to start, this guide will help you complete the Love Story bounty in Destiny 2.

Love Story bounty Destiny 2 guide

Love Story Bounty Destiny 2 guide crimson days
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Before we start, to complete the Love Story bounty in Destiny 2 you’ll need a teammate to partner up with. You cannot complete this bounty alone. Grabbed someone to partner with for Crimson Days? Okay, you’re ready to roll. Just make sure you’re already in a fireteam before kicking off.

Start by picking up the Love Story bounty from Lord Shaxx in the tower. He’s the dealer for all the Crimson Days events, so get used to returning to him. This will ask you to complete a story mission in a fireteam of two. Note that this is asking for a story mission, not a strike, raid or nightfall.

Complete a Story Mission in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 complete story mission love story bounty crimson days
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If you’re new to playing Destiny 2, then we have good news! All you have to do for the Love Story bounty is just keep playing through the story with a friend. Wrap up a new mission together and you’ll complete the challenge with minimal fuss at all.

If you’ve already wrapped up the main story, you need to either play through a story mission from Shadowkeep on the Moon, or use the Vanguard Heroic Story Mission screen (click the Vanguard icon in the Director) to select a mission from the expansion campaigns. Riptide isn’t a bad shout for a mission, as it takes just a matter of minutes to blast through.

Once you’ve completed the story mission in a fireteam of two, you’ll have finished the Love Story bounty. This is a daily one which will reward 15 Confectionary Hearts. You can spend these all several different Crimson Days limited-time items including the rare Vow bow. Whatever you want to buy, learning how to complete Story Missions for the Love Story bounty in Destiny 2 will help you save up the currency needed.

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