How to clean weapons in Hunt: Showdown

Learn what cleaning weapons does in Hunt: Showdown and how to keep those mucky guns sparkling.

You might not know it, but swamps are muddy places. You’ll spend a lot of your time in Hunt: Showdown wading through stagnant water, tromping through mud, or lying in wait in a dirty bush. It’s no surprise then that your guns and the ones you’ll find can get pretty mucky, which is why the game includes the option to clean weapons. Want to know what cleaning weapons does and how to do it in Hunt Showdown? This guide will help with exactly that.

What does cleaning weapons do in Hunt: Showdown?

What does cleaning weapons do in Hunt Showdown
With environments like this, it's no surprise you need to clean weapons do in Hunt Showdown.
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Weapon cleanliness in Hunt: Showdown is a purely cosmetic option. When you get downed, or if you pick up guns off other players, they’ll have picked up dirt, leaving them a bit filthy. There are five levels of dirtiness a weapon can collect from trading hands or being dropped in the mud when downed/killed.

This is especially common on Legendary weapons, making it hard to see that they’re even special. For the most part it isn’t much of a pain, but weapons getting dirty can also cause them to have muddied scopes, which makes long-range aiming a pain. It’s worth noting here that a cracked scope is a sign of a Contraband weapon (picked up off an enemy), not necessarily a dirty one. Cleaning a Contraband weapon will not remove the crack in the scope.

Cleaning a weapon will make it all shiny and fresh again, and repair any damage to the sight. Don’t worry, a weapon getting dirty won’t impact its performance in any way beyond the dirty scope, so if you don’t mind carrying a mucky gun then you’re good to save those Blood Bonds for more important uses instead.

How to clean weapons in Hunt: Showdown

How to clean weapons in Hunt Showdown
What a mucky gun. Time to send it to the cleaners. 
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You can clean weapons in Hunt: Showdown from the main menu. All you need is a handful of Blood Bonds at the ready. Select the Clean Weapons option from the main menu, then choose the weapon you want to spruce up and click Clean. Simple as that. Try not to hit Clean when you’re just trying to equip your weapon, mind. It’s easily done.

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So there you have it, you now know how to clean weapons in Hunt: Showdown, as well as what on earth cleaning them actually does. Put simply, you don’t need to do it, but who doesn’t like to keep their valuable goods nice and shiny? Check out our Hunt: Showdown hub for more content, tips and tricks.

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