How to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3

Learn to perfect dodge in RE3 to avoid those zombies and deal some much-deserved payback with a bullet to the dome.

Zombies have had it too good for too long. They may have ruled the roost in Leon’s escapades throughout the R.P.D., but Jill Valentine is no rookie cop. In Resident Evil 3 Miss Valentine has access to a new move in the form of a dodge, and if you time it right, a perfect dodge. This special movie not only keeps you safe from enemy attacks, it can even let you return fire rapidly with a shot to the head. It’s time to head to training camp then, as in this guide we’ll teach you how to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3.

How to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3

How to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3
Pulling off a perfect dodge will let you retaliate with a headshot. 
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The new dodge mechanic is assigned to the R1 button on PS4, and the Right Bumper on Xbox One (PC controls have yet to be confirmed).

Dodge controls:

  • PS4 - R1
  • Xbox One - Right Bumper
  • PC - Unknown

To perfect dodge in RE3, you need to dodge away from an enemy zombie, right as they lunge forward to take a bite. If you dodge too early, you might avoid them, but you’ll just do a regular dodge. Dodge too late and you’re liable to have a sore neck once their teeth are done. For that reason, we recommend dodging early, then reducing the timing until you get the perfect dodge. It's not easy or too reliable against regular zombies, so be careful or you'll get munched. You also need to dodge out of their reach (which can mean doding forwards and past them). If you don't escape their lunge, you'll still get bitten.

How to perfect dodge in RE3
It may look like Jill's falling over, but the white effect shows it's a perfect dodge.

When you manage to perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3, the screen will flash white as Jill narrowly avoids their swipe. The enemy will be slowed after missing you, granting more time to escape or return fire. After successfully performing a perfect dodge, you can also choose to return fire by pressing the aim button. Hit this quickly enough after you perfect dodge, and Jill will automatically spin and aim directly at the zombie’s head or enemy's weakpoint. You can see us pull off some perfect dodges in the gfycat below:

If you’re comfortable dodging, there’s no need to spend timing lining up the perfect shot. Just perfect dodge and hit aim to have Jill directly line up a headshot on your foe. It’s a pretty handy response, and one befitting and skilled S.T.A.R.S. member. Too bad Nemesis is on their tail!

That’s all we know about the perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3, but if Capcom reveals any other secrets to the move, we’ll be sure to let you know. Click here to visit our Resident Evil 3 game hub for more news, tips and tricks for the horror title, including a look at all the Masterminds and Survivors in the Resident Evil Resistance multiplayer mode!

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