How to get the Safe code - Resident Evil 3 demo

Learn the Resident Evil 3 demo safe code so you can grab a pistol upgrade. It's all thanks to the Aqua Cure queen!

Stumbling through the ravaged streets of Raccoon City in the Resident Evil 3 demo, you’ll come across a safe in a storage room. Inside is a handy pistol upgrade that’ll make you more accurate when lining up those headshots. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get the safe code, as well as giving it to you directly. If you want that pistol upgrade, read on to get the safe code in the Resident Evil 3 demo.

How to get the Safe code - Resident Evil 3 demo

How to get the safe code solution resident evil 3 demo
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You’ll find the safe if you veer off to the right when walking down the stairs towards the Donut shop (where you can find the Bolt Cutters). Following the metal railing path to the left leads you into a storage room piled high with boxes. There’s a safe inside a cabinet here, and a note to the left. If you just want the safe code for the Resident Evil 3 demo, scroll on down to the solution, because first we’ll explain how to get it. 

The note to the left of the safe tells you that it belongs to the drug store owner, and the code is kept by the “Aqua Cure queen”. Move out the back of this room (watching out for the zombie) and when you come out to the street behind, walk down the stairs and enter the drug store opposite. At the back of the store is a saucy poster for Aqua Cure. Ignore the distracting lady and instead look at the bottom right of the poster. The drug store owner has circled the solution from the numbers listed here, with arrows at the top telling you which way to turn! That really doesn’t seem so secure to us, but we’re not complaining.

The drug store safe code solution - Resi 3 demo

drug store safe code solution Resident Evil 3 demo
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In our Resident Evil 3 demo, the safe code was as follows:

  • 9 Left
  • 1 Right
  • 8 Left

This means you need to turn the safe knob nine clicks left, then one right, then eight left, NOT to the numbers listed. Do that and the safe will open up revealing a nifty red dot sight. Attach this to your pistol and Jill will be even more accurate than before, hooray!

Resident Evil 3 safe code solution
© Capcom

By reading this guide, hopefully you’ve learned how to get the safe code in the Resident Evil 3 demo. We have more guides for the demo and the game coming soon, and you can already learn how to perfect dodge and how to get Bolt Cutters in the Resident Evil 3 demo. The demo is a great chance to practice before the full release, so get to it!

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