How to heal in Doom Eternal

Learn how to heal and get armor in Doom Eternal so you can keep yourself in the fight.

Doomguy is understandably too preoccupied gunning down demons to worry about his health, which means you’ll often find yourself running low on the old lifejuice at crucial moments during a battle. Fortunately, the tools are in your hands (or often literally are your hands) to heal in Doom Eternal. We’ll take you through the basics in this guide.

How to heal in Doom Eternal

How to heal in Doom Eternal
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Much like Doom 2016, the primary method to heal in Doom Eternal is to perform Glory Kills. These are the execution moves you can perform on low-health or staggered enemies. To perform a Glory Kill, all you need to do is move towards a flashing enemy and hit the melee attack button. Doomguy will execute them in over the top fashion, causing packets of health to spew outwards from their corpse. Because you’re so close, you should pick up these health packs immediately, but be sure to check around you if you’re really desperate. 

If you’re running low on health, try to find the weakest enemy in your current arena and aim to damage them enough for a Glory Kill. It usually pays to leave some of the weakest enemies alive in fights just so you can use them to gain health later.

In addition to Glory Kills, you can also heal in Doom Eternal by looking for health packs or armor around the levels. Armor appears as green shield symbols lying on the floor or large green armor sets, while health appears as small glowing blue items, or larger medpacks. Get used to spotting them while running through arenas so that you can loop back round and pick them up any time you’re low.

To get more armor, you can use the Doomslayer’s shoulder-mounted flamethrower. If you set enemies on fire before killing them, they’ll spawn a number of small armor pieces. If you’re full health but running low on shields, this should be your approach to kill groups of small, weak enemies.

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Now that you now how to heal in Doom Eternal, you can focus on doing what Doomguy does best, taking down the hordes of hell. Have fun, and feel free to visit our game hub for Doom Eternal if you’re after even more tips and tricks.

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