Resident Evil Resistance open beta delayed on PS4 and Steam

The Xbox One open beta continues as planned, while Umbrella's PS4 and Steam servers run into trouble.

The Resident Evil Resistance open beta has been postponed on PS4 and Steam due to server problems

Just as we were gearing up to dive into the multiplayer portion of Resident Evil 3 and were getting excited about the addition of Jill Valentine, it seems the secret labs of the Umbrella corporation have run into a hitch - for those of us on PS4 and Steam at least.

Earlier today, the official Resident Evil Twitter account posted an update acknowledging matchmaking issues for PS4 players. It seems the problem was more sever than anticipated, because the entire PS4 version of the beta, as well as the as-of-yet unreleased PC version have been put on hold indefinitely. 

Resident Evil Resistance beta delayed
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Capcom hasn’t listed when they expect the PS4 and PC betas to kick off again, but said that they are “working to resolve the issue” as quickly as possible, so we’re hoping it won’t be long. Fortunately for those of us on the greener side of life, the Xbox One version of the Resident Evil Resistance open beta remains unaffected, so you can keep partying up with your friends in an attempt to escape Umbrella’s clutches.

Resident Evil Resistance is a 1v4 multiplayer mode that’s a free addition to Resident Evil 3. In it, one player takes control of a fiendish Mastermind, placing bioweapons and traps to hinder a team of four Survivors, and even occasionally taking direct command of a powerful creature to assault the group. It’s releasing alongside Resident Evil 3, and you can find out more about the full list of confirmed Survivors and Masterminds by clicking here.

Resident Evil 3 is due to release on April 3, with the Resident Evil Resistance open beta running right up until launch. We’ll update you as soon as we know more about when the PS4 and PC versions of the beta will be available. If you're looking for something to do until then, you can always check out our guide for how to get all the Mr Charlie dolls in the Resident Evil 3 demo.

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