Does Resident Evil Resistance have crossplay?

Find out if Resident Evil Resistance has cross-platform or crossplay support.

Zombies don’t discriminate.; they’ll happily eat your brains whether you’re playing on Xbox One, PS4 or PC. That said, the zombies on one platform might have trouble making the jump to another without a good deal of cross-platform support. Many games support crossplay these days, but is Resident Evil Resistance one of them? We’ll take a look at the multiplayer spin-off to the Resident Evil 3 remake below and teach you what we know about the cross-platform support Resistance is offering.

Does Resident Evil Resistance have crossplay?

Does resident evil resistance have crossplay cross-platform support
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Resident Evil 3 has yet to release, but based on the open beta currently available for Resident Evil Resistance, it’s not looking good. There is no cross-platform support in the beta, meaning you can only partner up (and compete against) people who are playing on the same platform as you. That means even if you’ve honed those mastermind skills to a tee on Xbox One, you won’t be able to terrorize your friends if they’re all playing on PlayStation 4. 

Of course, this could all change with the official release of Resident Evil 3 on April 3, but right now it seems very unlikely that Resident Evil Resistance will have crossplay. Capcom did enable it for Street Fighter V, so the company does have experience with it in the past, but they’ve said very little on the matter where Resistance is concerned. Sorry, folks.

Resident Evil Resistance is a 1v4 multiplayer title which tasks a team of survivors with escaping the lab of a fiendish mastermind. Working together, the four survivors must collect key items and unlock doors to progress through the mastermind’s lab. That’d be easy, if it wasn’t for the fact that the mastermind can spawn enemies, place traps and antagonize the players in all kinds of nasty ways you can read more about the playable survivors and masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance by clicking here.

So to repeat: no, it doesn’t appear that Resident Evil Resistance will have crossplay or cross-platform support, but we’ll update you if that changes on release. You can expect more guides for Resistance and Resi 3 from us soon, so be sure to check back with us again before long.

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