Jewel locations in Resident Evil 3

Where to find the red, blue and green jewel locations in Resident Evil 3 to unlock some sweet upgrades for Jill.

We don’t typically approve of looting, but when the city is about to be nuked into dust, we can’t really judge Jill for filling her pockets, especially when the jewels you’ll find in Resident Evil 3 have practical purposes too. Unlocking special rewards in the Kite Bros Monument, the red, green and blue jewels are very valuable items to collect indeed. If looking to add them to your collection, this guide will teach you the jewel locations in Resident Evil 3 and help you earn some crucial upgrades.

Jewel locations in Resident Evil 3

All Jewel locations Resident Evil 3
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There are three jewels to find in Resident Evil 3, which you can then use on the Kite Bros Railway Monument (at the entrance to the subway, where you exit onto the streets near the start of the game) to score some rewards. The Jewel colors are Red, Blue and Green, which will reward you with a hand grenade, the shotgun stock, and a Hip Pouch. The latter two are clearly the prize, and we’ll take you through each Jewel location below so you don’t miss any of them.

Red Jewel location

The first jewel you’ll likely find, the Red Jewel is inside a fancy box found in the Donut shop. It’s hard to miss this one, but you can take it back to the Kite Bros Monument to get a Hand Grenade all the same.

Blue Jewel location

Blue Jewel location resident evil 3
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To obtain the Blue Jewel you’ll need to first get the Bolt Cutters. With them in your hands, return to the upper Downtown street, near to the Toy Uncle Store. Across the street from it you’ll find a small grocery store which is locked with a chain. Use the Bolt Cutters to get inside and as you might have guessed, you’ll be in the Blue Jewel location. Pick up the fancy box and open it to grab the jewel. Return to the Monument and place the jewel to get the shotgun stock as a reward (here’s how to get the shotgun, in case you don’t already have it).

Green Jewel location

Green jewel location resident evil 3
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Finally, the Green Jewel location can only be reached once you have the lockpick. After you grab that, return to the Toy Uncle store in the Downtown area. Open up the shop and inside you’ll find another fancy box with the Green Jewel, as well as a Mr Charlie doll. Return to the Kite Bros Railway Monument once again and you’ll score a very useful Hip Pouch. These are one of the most useful upgrades in the game, so don’t miss your chance to grab this one.

And there you have it, all three Jewel locations in Resident Evil 3. You need to play along for a little while to get them all, but the rewards for returning them are very good indeed. For more Resident Evil 3 guides, click here to head to our hub for the game.

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