Just Cause 4 is free on Epic Games Store next week

Cause chaos in Just Cause 4 for free on EGS next week.

Just Cause 4 is free on Epic Games Store next week, giving you tons of wingsuit-flying explosive fun for absolutely nothing.

The game is the latest of Epic's free weekly games, and will be yours to download using the PC launcher client between April 16 and April 23. This week's free games offer a host of mystery-solving fun with Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishment and Close To The Sun yours to download until next Thursday.

In Just Cause 4 you play as a rogue hero named Rico Rodriguez as he attempts to free Solís, a huge South American country full of conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions. You can tempt fate by trying to wingsuit through a thunderstorm, and use your grappling hook and a host of explosives to send various physics object into the stratosphere. 

The series, by Square Enix, has always been a massive sandbox playground for messing around with dynamite and anything red that will blow up at the slightest provocation by gunfire. So even if you don't play through the story to completion you can have a blast messing around with its weapons and tools.

Just Cause 4 will be free on Epic Games Store from April 16 until April 23, and so will indie road trip game Wheels of Aurelia, so don't miss your chance for a couple of free games that have very different definitons of safe driving.


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