Our first look at the Xbox Series X logo

Just as Xpected.

The official logo for the Xbox Series X — Microsoft’s next generation console — has appeared online.

The logo appeared as part of a trademark filing, registered by Microsoft this week. Picked up by observant fans and shared on Reddit (via Eurogamer), the fancy new design can now be ogled by your eyes as well. Interested? Here’s wot it looks like:

Xbox Series X logo
© Microsoft

Yep, just as we all suspected, it’s definitely a logo, and there's definitely a big X. We’ll be honest, the Xbox Series X logo looks a lot like a basic stencil spray to us but hey, any design was bound to be more exciting than the PS5 logo reveal turned out to be. We don’t know where the logo will be plastered on the big box that was first shown off in December last year, but hopefully it’s kept fairly discreet. 

As we head closer to the planned Holiday 2020 release date, we expect more details about the Xbox Series X (and the PS5 as well) will begin to drip out, but at this stage we imagine the majority of the gaming world is simply waiting to hear what games will be filling the launch lineups. Any time you want to drop that information for us, we’ll be waiting, Microsoft.

So far we know that Halo: Infinite will bring the Chief to the Series X, and that Ninja Theory is working hard to develop Senua’s Sage: Hellblade 2 for Microsoft’s new console. There are plenty of multiplatform games that’ll share current and next gen releases, but we’ve yet to hear about the new games coming at the end of the year. Until we hear more about them, at least we have a logo to keep us busy.

What do you think of the Xbox Series X logo? Is it the most majestic thing you’ve ever seen? Declare your admiration down in the comments below.

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