When to watch Travis Scott's Fortnite show reruns

If you missed out on Travis Scott's Fortnite show Astronomical don't despair, here's some highlights and when to see the reruns.

Travis Scott's Fortnite concert Astronomical blew our collective minds last night, but don't worry if you missed out, there's plenty of chances to catch a rerun.

The Travis Scott concert inside Fortnite took millions of players on a mind-bending journey through visual effects and a giant rapping god stomping around the usual map, while people built viewing platforms and just generally floated about in ecstatic rapture.

If you weren't there in time to see the debut Astronomical event, there are four more chances to get into the game and watch it yourself. First off though, here's a teaser of what you missed:

When to watch Travis Scott's Fortnite concert reruns

To watch Travis Scott's Fortnite concert reruns, just make sure you queue into the event mode in-game at these times:

  • Friday April 24 @ 10am EDT
  • Saturday April 25 @ 12am EDT
  • Saturday April 25 @ 11am EDT
  • Saturday April 25 @ 6pm EDT

The shows are not region locked, so convert those times to your local timezone and make sure you show up 30 minutes before each showtime to secure a spot in the queue for yourself.

Enjoy the Travis Scott concert Astronomical reruns! They really are something special! What was your favorite part of the show?


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