Atari VCS pre-orders surpass $2 million

The Atari VCS is proving to be a popular item on Indiegogo.


Atari creating its own cryptocurrency

The company is wading into the cryptocurrency market with their new Atari Token.

Atari is trying to crowdfund RollerCoaster Tycoon on Switch

It's not been taken well.

Ataribox Pre-Orders Open on December 14th

Head over to Indiegogo to secure your very own Ataribox. 

New Ataribox Specs Announced, Will Run Linux

The Ataribox is shaping up to be a well-rounded entry in the retro gaming market. 

Ataribox Launching in Spring 2018, Starting at $250

An Indiegogo campaign for Ataribox will launch this fall.

Become an Atari Beta Tester and Enter to Win an Atari Speakerhat

Sign up for the Atari Speakerhat beta test for a chance to win an exclusive Atari prize pack.

Become a Beta Tester For a Chance to Receive an Exclusive Atari Speakerhat

Register for the Atari Speakerhat beta for a chance to get an exclusive Speakerhat prize pack.

Atari Speakerhat Combines Fashion with Audio Tech

Atari's Speakerhat eliminates the need for headphones on the go.

Atari Life Prize Pack Giveaway

Find out how you can win yourself an exclusive Atari Life prize pack.