China's new gaming rules for minors are crashing multiplayer servers

With kids in China restricted to just an hour of gaming on weekend days, the sudden influx is hard to manage for online games.


Sony reveals PlayStation Indies initiative bringing 9 games to PS5

The PlayStation Indies initiative for the next gen PS5 has begun, starting with a very serious bunny.

Japanese Animal Crossing Switch pre-orders halted due to coronavirus

Reservations of the limited edition Animal Crossing Switch console have been postponed due to deadly virus.

Switch finally on sale in China, but you can only play one Nintendo game

The Nintendo Switch has finally been approved for sale in China but only one first-party game is available at launch.

PUBG Mobile in China replaced, now with wholesome deaths

To comply with new rules, Tencent pulled PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to replace the violence.

Two PUBG Mobile Games Set to Release in China

One game focuses on naval combat while the other boasts PUBG’s signature last man standing concept. 

Tencent Wins Rights to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China

China will be getting an official PUBG release… with a few gameplay changes. 

China Looking to Ban PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The game doesn’t appear to be compatible with Chinese core values.