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Horizon Zero Dawn PC release date revealed

Grab your bow and get ready to shoot some metal dinosaurs because Horizon Zero Dawn has an official PC release date!


We're getting a bigger world to explore in Horizon Forbidden West

The Wild, Wild, West of Horizon Forbidden West is much larger than its reveal trailer shows.

Everything we know about Horizon Forbidden West

The game picks up right where Horizon Zero Dawn left off and offers a brand new area for players to explore.

Horizon: Forbidden West continues Aloy's story on PS5

Horizon: Forbidden West will be coming to PS5 after the console launches.

Guerrilla Games confirms Horizon Zero Dawn PC release

We had a feeling it was coming, but now it's official!

Horizon Zero Dawn getting a PC release

The critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive is getting a PC release in 2020 according to new reports.

Guerrilla hints at Horizon Zero Dawn sequel

New job listings seem to suggest that Guerrilla Games is actively working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Announced

Sony has revealed the first details concerning the upcoming Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Guerilla Games Pledge Long-Term Support For Decima Engine

Horizon Zero Dawn proved how powerful the engine can be.

Will Scalebound's JP Kellams Join Kojima Productions?

Kellams left PlatinumGames to pursue new ventures following the cancellation of Scalebound.