Hitman 3 to become World of Assassination, adding Hitman 1 and 2 content

Alongside the launch of the new Freelancer mode.


Hitman devs IO Interactive and Warner Bros. working on a new game

Developers of latest Hitman games renew publishing deal for a new game on PC and console.

The Hitman Holiday Pack Lets New Players Access The Paris Level For Free

The special ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission is also included.

Hitman's Paris episode is free over the holidays

Murder under the mistletoe

Hitman – How To Complete The Congressman Elusive Target

Take another crack at Hitman’s second elusive target.

Hitman – How To Complete The Forger Elusive Target

Hitman’s very first Elusive Target can once again be eliminated.

The Second Round of Hitman's Elusive Targets Has Begun

Those who missed out on the first run have been granted another shot.

Hitman GOTY Edition – How To Complete Patient Zero's You Know The Number Challenge

Here’s how to pull off one of the Hokkaido mission’s more difficult redacted challenges.

Hulu is Producing a Hitman Television Series

The series will be helmed by the creative mind behind John Wick.

There's a live-action Hitman series in the works

John Wick's creator will write and produce.