Mass Effect

Guardians of the Galaxy writer working on the next Mass Effect

Star-Lord meets Shepard.


A Mass Effect TV series is reportedly being targeted by Amazon Studios.

Expect plenty of stars.

Mass Effect: Fan theories for the next game

A new teaser poster has reignited speculation over the next Mass Effect game's setting, time, and story.

The next Mass Effect gets a new teaser for N7 day

Can you Geth what it is yet?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes in each game

Learn all the changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition for each title in Shepard's trilogy.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date reveals epic amounts of lens flare

Play the remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy on May 14, if you can see anything that is.

The Mass Effect voice cast are getting back together for N7 day

A special panel will see them joined by two developers on November 7.

10 games like Mass Effect

Looking for more space-faring adventures? Here are 10 games like Mass Effect to fill that Shepard-shaped hole.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Receives Its First Content Update

A new APEX Strike mission and new playable multiplayer character are included.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Plants vs. Zombies Easter Egg

How to find the Plants vs. Zombies Easter eggs in Mass Effect: Andromeda.