Oculus Quest 2 swoops in and boots the Oculus Rift out

The Oculus Quest 2 was announced during the latest Facebook Connect and will be hitting store shelves this October.


The Meatgrinder update brings horde mode to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Who's up for zombie sausages?

Green day music pack released for Beat Saber

Excited by their performance at The Game Awards? You can now take on Green Day in VR with a new Beat Saber music pack.

Oculus unveils Facebook Horizon

A new social VR space for Oculus users is coming in 2020 called Facebook Horizon.

Can Virtual Reality's wire-cutting advancements keep it alive?

Taking a wider view at the VR field in light of GDC 2018's wireless headset demo.

EA to buy Titanfall developer, Respawn Entertainment

Respawn with three games in active development.

Respawn are working on an Oculus VR game

It won't be VR Titanfall.