Amaterasu bounds into Monster Hunter Rise's Okami crossover event

Monster Hunter Rise's Capcom Collab 2 DLC is a real howler.


Ikumi Nakamura still wants to make Okami 2 happen

She hasn't forgotten about the game, and neither have fans.

Ikumi Nakumura teases Okami sequel

Okami fans rejoice as Ikumi Nakumura remarks on how she wants to make a sequel with director Hideki Kamiya.

Okami HD coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer

Amaterasu returns to Nintendo consoles 10 years after Wii port.

The art and history in Okami HD prove it's a timeless classic

Over a decade later Okami still makes an astounding first impression.

Okami HD is Coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox One in December

The HD re-release will support 4K resolution.

Okami HD will be gracing Xbox One, PS4 and PC in December

If it looked good on the PS2, we can't wait for it now.

Korean ratings board confirms Okami HD rumors for PS4, X1

Get ready for a must-buy game on yet another platform.

Okami HD Reportedly Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Winter

Rumor has it that Okami HD will arrive for current-gen consoles just in time for the holidays.