Epic Games to open its own publishing division

Epic Games Publishing is so far working with Remedy Entertainment, Playdead and Gen Design.


Playdead and Sex Doll Creator RealDoll to Release Special Collector's Edition

It’s a $375 mystery box featuring Inside, Limbo, and the possibility of something sexual. 

Playdead's Inside is Getting a Nintendo Switch Port

The atmospheric horror title will soon make its Switch debut.

Playdead to Release an Inside/Limbo Double Pack This Fall

Both games will be bundled into a physical release. 

Former Playdead CEO Starts Up New Company, Reveals New Game

Dino Patti has created a new studio and is embarking on a mysterious indie project with animator Chris Olsen.

Inside Now Has A Free PC Demo On Steam

How you can now try this bestselling indie on Steam for free.

Playdead Used a Real Human Skull for Inside's Audio

Inside’s creepiness is in the details.

Playdead's Inside Brings Puzzle-Based Chills To PlayStation 4

Gamers can now experience Inside across all three major platforms.

Playdead Makes The Announcement We've All Been Waiting For

Playdead announces that Inside will soon be available on the PlayStation 4.

Playdead's Inside Could Be Coming To PlayStation 4

A new list of Trophies points to an eventual PlayStation 4 release.