Pokémon Art Through The Ages exhibit comes to the UK next month

Manchester's Trafford Centre will host "unique art of Pokémon from the Kanto region".


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters revealed, internet fights break out

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet due out by the end of this year with three new cuties to contend for your love.

This crystal Pikachu Fragment figurine costs $25,000

The Baccarat x Pokémon collaboration is the series' most expensive 25th anniversary celebration yet.

Become a Poké-villain with Biqtch Puddin's Game Glow Team Rocket Grunt drag tutorial

Rattatas at the ready!

Vaporeon has been named Japan's Water Day ambassador

Japan will celebrate the hottest week of the year by cooling down with Vaporeon.

Fan creates enormous Pokémon board game including all of Kanto

The "Ultimate Pokémon board game" took 23 hours to complete.

Katy Perry's Pokemon pop song, Electric, is out today

The first official release from Pokemon 25: The Album.

Where to start for Pokemon beginners

If you're wondering how to get into the world of Pokemon, here's where to start your journey to be a master.

Everything to know if you're finally returning to Pokemon

Dropped out of Pokemon in the early generations? We'll make your re-entry softer than a Cottonee.

Catch up on Post Malone's Pokemon virtual concert here

Watch the full Pokemon 25th anniversary virtual concert here.