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World of Tanks - Should You Buy the Tiger 131?

Breaking down the reasons players should buy or pass on the Tiger 131.


World of Tanks May 26th Weekend Specials Include FV201 (A45) Bundles

A discount on Premium Account Time and new Tank Mastery missions are also included.

World of Tanks Mother's Day Specials Include Discounts and XP Bonuses

You can earn a free Chocolate consumable just for showing up on Mother’s Day.

World of Tanks M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Bundles Are Now Available

A quartet of signature Russian and British vehicles can also be purchased.

Wargaming Announced Labor Day Weekend Specials for World of Tanks

T-34-85M bundles, x2 Crew XP, and more are now available.

World of Tanks Weekend Specials Offer Krupp-Steyr Bundles

You can also complete a new series of Tank Mastery missions and earn daily x3 XP.

World of Tanks Weekend Specials Include 59-Patton Bundles And x2 Crew XP

New Tank Mastery missions are also available.

Lorraine 40t French Premium Tank Goes On Sale Tomorrow

Three unique tank camos are also included.

Chinese 112 Tank is Now Permanently Available in World of Tanks Premium Shop

Limited-time bundle deals are also available until early April.

World of Tanks Object 252 Bundles Available Until Late March

Both the standard and Defender versions are being offered.