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The art of subtraction: How minimalism elevates our favorite games

Ico, Journey, RiME and ABZU would be nothing without nothing.


RiME Review - Beauty Trapped in Stone

A slow burn that takes your hand and guides you through a captivating oceanic realm.

RiME - How to Solve the Magical Fox Puzzle, Unlock Fox Companion

A guide on how to solve your very first puzzle in RiME and unlock your fox companion.

You Can Now Pre-Order Rime on Steam

If you want to get a jump on playing Rime be sure to check the game out on Steam.

The Sexy Brutale Review - In The Shadows of Murder

Does this time warping murder-mystery keep you coming back for more?

RiME - Full Achievement List

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Rime Locks Down an Official Release Date

The game will be available on PC and console this May, with a Nintendo Switch release in the near future.

Journey and Ico Fans Will Love Rime

Upcoming puzzle-adventure indie game Rime will attract fans of Journey and Ico with its new trailer.