TV Shows

God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo to get TV series, Sony confirms

Continuing Sony's interest in adapting key video game franchises.


A Mass Effect TV series is reportedly being targeted by Amazon Studios.

Expect plenty of stars.

Trailer for Netflix's Cuphead adaptation revealed

The trailer adds clarity in regards to how the game is being adapted, and what the show will look like once it's released.

Disco Elysium TV series on the way from the Sonic movie studio

DJ2 Entertainment will produce a Disco Elysium TV series, based on the hit indie game.

The Last of Us TV show lands a director

Only the pilot episode has been confirmed to feature this director so far.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series gets Netflix release date

The latest entry in the Pokemon animated series is coming to Netflix this summer!

You can now binge Castlevania Season 3 on Netflix

Hotly anticipated Season 3 of Castlevania anime is now on Netflix.

Neopets is getting an animated TV series

Hold on to your JubJubs.

Hulu is Producing a Hitman Television Series

The series will be helmed by the creative mind behind John Wick.

Top 5 Modern TV Shows That'd Make Great Games

A look at some of our favorite shows from the past few years that would make excellent video games.