Tenz gives us a Crash Course on Valorant, toxic slime and aim training with music

Valorant pro Tenz teaches us the importance of rhythm and how to make your own agent abilities from home.

HyperX's fortnightly Crash Course livestream was turned over to Cloud9's CS:GO-turned-Valorant pro Tenz to show us how to keep your aim locked in and make your own Valorant abilities from home.

Canadian streamer Tyson 'Tenz' Ngo has represented Cloud9 in the ESL Pro League before swapping to Riot's new shooter this year, so he knows all about snapshots and checking angles. So to help you out in HyperX's regular educational streams he put together a training regimen using Valorant and a free-to-play rhythm game. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Crash Course without some DIY crafting skills, so he also teaches us how to recreate one of the agent's abilities using simple household ingredients. It isn't Raze's satchel charge, don't worry.

First up, Tenz walked us through a bunch of useful tips and tricks for starting out in Valorant, which is helpful thanks to the huge increase in new players to the tactical shooting genre since its high profile release at the start of this month.

These tips are useful to young and old, noob and CS veteran, so if you're just starting out or swapping in from CS:GO then check out all the tips included in this section of the stream.

Then we were treated to a crafting break where Tenz walked us through everything you need to recreate Viper's toxic abilities (without the poisonous parts) with just some simple household ingredients. It's homemade slime, and it's not necessarily guaranteed to stop your opponents so probably don't throw it at your friends. Given how sticky the slime turned out, perhaps it might be a little more like Sage's slow orb? Turns out all Viper does is chuck contact lens solution, baking soda and glue into a bowl with some food coloring. It doesn't seem that hard to be an elite agent. You can probably do it, too!

After that (though given the amount of slime on his hands it maybe should have been before) Tenz taught us about the secret weapon of every AWPer and OPer with wrists of steel: Osu! This simple (and free) rhythm game is perfect for warming up your mouse hand for those flickshots you'll need to snap to enemy heads in CS:GO or Valorant. Some of the input motions also require you to track a circle through an arc or other paths, which can be helpful to train you to control recoil from weapons like the AK or Vandal.

With that, we should be experts at Valorant now! Please forgive us, Tenz, if we aren't top of the scoreboard. Our hands are so sticky with slime. If you enjoyed this week's Crash Course, make sure to check out other lessons including playing K.K. Slider's songs and getting swole with Monster Hunter.


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