Hades coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall

Will feature cross-saves with the PC version.

Hades is coming to Nintendo Switch in Fall.

Supergiant Games’ Greek roguelite adventure will launch on Nintendo Switch this year, during Fall. The date also marks the end of Hades’ Early Access period on PC, with the game receiving its official release alongside the Nintendo Switch edition. the launch news came with a flashy new animated trailer to enjoy.

For PC players who’d like to try Hades on Nintendo Switch as well, the good news is that both versions will support cross-saves, allowing you to swap between the two and continue your progress. The 1.0 release will add a true ending to the game, with much more promised by Supergiant Games.

Hades is a roguelite set in the greek underworld. By partnering with various mythological beings, your aim is to battle through the levels of hell to face off with the god of the underworld and earn your right to live once more.

Hades first launched on PC Early Access in December 2018, and has been updated over the years since with new levels, and of course fresh music by composer Darren Korb. There’s no official date just yet for Hades on Switch, but we know it’ll be during Fall, so likely August - October.

This news was announced as part of Nintendo's Indie World Showcase today. If you’re looking for more news from the broadcast, you might also be interested to read up on afterlife management game Spiritfarer which releases later today. Click here to find out more on that. In other good news, Hades will be making its way to Nintendo Switch this year. Find out more about that by clicking here. Otherwise you can catch up on the full showcase below, which included more information on games like Card Shark, A Short Hike, Garden Story, Takeshi and Hiroshi, and more! 

Hades will release on Nintendo Switch this Fall.

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