Mortal Shell The Nihilist and Forever Alone guide

Find out how to complete The Nihilist, Forever Alone, and Life is Suffering Trophies and Achievements in Mortal Shell.

So you hate yourself. You must if you’re aiming to get the Nihilist trophy in Mortal Shell and then moving on to earn Forever Alone and Life is Suffering. You can knock out all three trophies and achievements at once, but doing so demands you renounce humankind and forgo any use of shells. Want to know more? We’ll break down how to get The Nihilist, Forever Alone, and Life is Suffering in Mortal Shell below.

How to get The Nihilist in Mortal Shell

How to get the nihilist mortal shell renounce humankind
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The Nihilist Trophy asks you to renounce humankind, which requires visiting a very special place in Fallgrim. If you’re not fussed about also completing Forever Alone then you can do this at any time, though it’s best done on a new game as it’ll kick you out of your shell and remove all your progress with any shells.

To get to the altar, you’ll want to find and pass Gorf, the giant NPC frog. To get there from the start of the game, turn right as soon as you enter Fallgrim outskirts from the tunnel beyond Harros’ shell. Take the second-most right path across the swamp water, which should go past a locked frog chest and a camp with lots of hanging bags. 

Sprint past the enemies here, then down into the water ahead to see Gorf (the giant frog) in the small cave ahead of you. Run past him (be careful of the poison frogs) and straight across the water to the mud path opposite. On the left of the wall here  is a hidden tunnel entrance with a lot of lilies around it. Crawl through and you’ll see a large, boney contraption. Use it and it will strip you off your shell, converting you to Obsidian Form. This will unlock The Nihilist, and convert you into the Foundling form.

Had trouble following our directions? Check out the video below by Murad Zero which will get you there in no time at all.

How to get Forever Alone and Life is Suffering in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell forever alone life is suffering
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The Forever Alone trophy in Mortal Shell asks you to complete the game without ever using a Shell. The Life is Suffering trophy asks you to complete the game in Obsidian Form. You can probably see why it’s a good idea to combine these trophies, hey?

If you’re planning to complete this run, we have some tips:

  • Run past almost all enemies: Because you can’t upgrade your Shell, there’s almost no point fighting most enemies. Instead you should run past them and rush to the bosses or important items.
  • Upgrade your kit: Since you can’t upgrade your shell, it’s doubly important to upgrade your weapons and seal. Read our guide to the Quenching Acid locations, as well as where to get the Forbidden Offering and the Solemn Offering.
  • Practice dodging: As the Foundling you have a massive stamina pool, so taking on the bosses means dodge rolling a lot. Get used to it.
  • Get the Hammer and Chisel: The Hammer and Chisel is the fastest weapon in the game, and with a massive stamina pool it can stagger most enemies to death, making it one of the best weapons to use with Obsidian Form.

You only need to defeat the five main bosses to complete the Forever Alone and Life is Suffering trophies in Mortal Shell, so don’t bother facing most of the other enemies. So long as you know the levels already, you’ll be able to run through to each Sester Genessa location so you can get straight to the boss.

That’s all we can tell you about how to get The Nihilist in Mortal Shell, as well as completing the Forever Alone and Life is Suffering trophies. Want more tips and tricks? Click here and you can head to our Mortal Shell hub where you’ll find all our guides, news and content for the game.

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