Holiday gifts for the Nintendo Switch owner in your life

Our Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide for 2022 will have your recipient cheerier than Blathers after a quality fossil donation.

Struggling to switch on your holiday gifting brain this year? 2022 has been taxing in many ways, but it’s our aim to make finding cool presents and gifts for the Nintendo Switch owner in your life as stress-free as possible. Our Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide for 2022 will help your recipient forget the temptations of next-gen consoles as they kick back with their compact little console and enjoy one or more of the treats below.

Holiday gifts for the Nintendo Switch owner in your life

Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2021
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Who needs a PS5 or Series X when you’ve got the best gaming console in your pocket? The Switch might not be a next-gen console, but it’s still doing things Sony and Microsoft’s machines aren’t even trying to compete with. To that end, there are plenty of brilliant holiday gifts out there for the Nintendo Switch owner in your life. Whether you’re after Nintendo-themed treats, Switch accessories, or games, our Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide for 2022 will sort you out

Crafts, plushies, and other decorative delights

Gifts for Nintendo Switch owners plushies
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Animal Crossing crafts and pins

If your gift recipient is totally obsessed with Tom Nook or insatiable when it comes to Isabelle, consider picking them up a collection of Animal Crossing aquabeads to work on. Follow the patterns before spraying and you can craft your own keyrings or even coasters. You can find an Animal Cross Aquabead set for $12 on Amazon here. If your giftee is a real AC fan, there's also a collector's box available with a Timmy & Tommy glass, socks, a notebook, and more available for $50 on Amazon here..

Official plushies

You can now add a touch of comfort (and cuteness) to any Nintendo-lover’s home thanks to their line of officially licensed Mocchi Mocchi plushies. Animal Crossing understandably takes center stage with adorable Tom Nook, Leaf, and Isabelle options (available on Amazon here), but Zelda fans can also grab a Korok plush here, while DK lovers can secure a squishy barrel here.

Nintendo Switch skins

There are some lovely Nintendo Switch editions out there, but if your gift target is stuck with the basic grey model then you can help! Spice up their dock and Joy-Cons with a Switch skin set like this Animal Crossing protective case for $19.99. There are plenty of options available too, and also some for other Nintendo series like Zelda.

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The ultimate accessories

Holiday gifts for Nintendo Switch owners 2021
© HyperX

HyperX Earbuds

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are great for public transport, but you can’t always get away with blaring out the Pokemon battle theme during a commute. To save your gift recipient some embarrassment, grab them a pair of HyperX Cloud Earbuds so they can enjoy those gaming tunes on the move. Or, you know, when they don't want to disturb any housemates during those late-night gaming sessions! Check out even more brilliant HyperX gifts for the Nintendo fan in your house at this handy console collection link.

Nintendo Switch carry case

The holidays may largely involve sitting still and stuffing your face, but there’s a good chance your giftee will be moving to and fro in the future. Save them from wrapping their precious console up in an old t-shirt by gifting a stylish carry case. There are some gorgeous designs available like this Animal Crossing print, and other third-party options like this Mario case by Hori as well.

HyperX Chargeplay Quad

If you’ve ever hustled over to your gift target’s home for a game of Mario Kart only to find your engines stalled thanks to dead Joy-Con batteries, this is the gift you’re after. HyperX’s Chargeplay Quad will ensure those hungry little controllers are always topped up and within arm’s reach when it’s time to hit the racetrack. Grab one from the HyperX store here

Amiibo or Amiibo cards

There may be fewer games kicking about these days which actually make use of Amiibos but fortunately they also serve as kickass models. Nintendo’s full range is staggering and if you want to grab them from Amazon then you’ll need to check each model as pricings vary drastically. The newer Metroid Dread amiibos can be snagged for $30. Someone like Breath of the Wild’s Urbosa is available for $50, while Isabelle will only set you back $12.

Alternatively, any Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan would be eager to receive a pack or two of Amiibo Cards. Thanks to the game's 2.0 update these randomized packs allow the owner to invite the included villagers to their cafe or even to the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Grab one on Amazon, here.

Games they might have missed

Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2022 games they might have missed
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The PS5 and Xbox Series X may be hogging the headlines but the Nintendo Switch has had plenty of smashing releases over the last year or so as well. If you want to share gaming joy, here are a few titles you might want to consider as a holiday 2022 gift:

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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Holiday 2020 gift guide Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart live
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If you’re buying for a special someone and don’t mind splashing out, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is a very cool (if extremely expensive) holiday gift for any Nintendo Switch owner. If you’ve got the room for it, this remote control car will let you forge a race course in your living room. Once it’s all set up, you can duke it out against the Koopalings as you compete in an AR race through the Nintendo Switch screen. The concept works brilliantly, but you will need to cough up around $100 for a copy on Amazon. If you do pick this as your gift, be sure to send your giftee our collection of creative tips to enhance their race tracks!

That’s everything we’ve got for our holiday gift guide for the Nintendo Switch owner in your life. If you’re after more holiday gift guides, we have plenty! Click here to head over to our hub page for all your gifting options.

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