Gaming Halloween events to haunt you in 2021

Scares of all sizes arrive this month as the 2021 video game Halloween events get into full, spooky swing.

Feel that shiver down your spine? Halloween has crept up behind us once more, its spindly fingers soon to sprinkle spooks and scares across our favorite games. Desperate to know which big titles are celebrating the spooky month? Calm that tremulous heart, because here are the biggest gaming Halloween events in 2021.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

video game halloween events 2021 Animal Crossing
© Nintendo

The Fall Update

As the leaves turn orange and brown, Animal Crossing’s Halloween period has returned once more. Players can purchase candy from Nook’s Cranny each day as they save up for October 31. On the day itself, the pumpkin-headed Jack will return and hand out Halloween-themed items in return for your stash of sweet goods. You can also visit the Able Sisters ahead of the date to pick up some looks fit for the occasion. Finally, Day of the Dead gets an Animal Crossing celebration this year, with Marigold decorations available as a new seasonal item.

Apex Legends

Monsters Within and Shadow Royale

As of October 12, Apex Legends’ Monsters Within event is already underway, running until November 2. The update added a range of spooky outfits for legends like Revenant, Bloodhound and Caustic. In addition, each week of the event offers a set of challenges to complete which will earn you free rewards. 

The unsettling Shadow Royale mode will also make its return on October 26, allowing fallen players to rise again as shadows that can hunt down any living enemy players. Finally, Octane has a Day of the Dead skin in the store from October 26 to November 1. Learn more here.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Gaming halloween events 2021 warzone
© Activision

The Haunting

Warzone’s spooky makeover will return this year, taking place from October 19 - November 2. So far, Activision has revealed that the Scream franchise’s Ghostface will be added as a new unsettling skin to buy. We don’t yet know what else to expect from this year’s event, though there’s a good chance it’ll overlap with the upcoming Zombies more for Call of Duty: Vanguard. Expect new rewards to be earned during a limited time mode. Activision promises to reveal more on October 18.

Destiny 2

Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2’s yearly horror show returns this year, and monsters form the core theme. Along with celebrating with Eva Levante, Guardians can head out to take on haunted sectors on Nessus and the Moon. There’s also a new Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle to earn if you store up enough candy. The real scares lie in the game’s new cosmetic options, which include a terrifying polygonal beaked moon mask and a giant spider look for your vehicle.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Halloween gaming update
© Mediatonic

Halloween Challenges

The obstacle course tumbling beans are getting into the spooky spirit with a raft of challenges set in the new Trick and Treat playlists. Completing these tasks will net you new colors, outfit parts, titles and Kudos. A selection of Halloween outfits have also been added to the in-game store to pick up if you really want to fit the mood.


Gaming Halloween events 2021 fortnitemares
© Epic Games


Fortnite’s 2021 scare month puts the emphasis on skin drops, with several designs returning or appearing in the store throughout October. A large number of outfits have already been added, with plenty more to come. 

Fortnitemares typically sees a selection of themed challenges added for players to work through, but developer Epic has kept very quiet as to what’s expected this year. It’s likely we’ll get something related to the cube invasion toward the latter end of the month.


Gaming halloween events 2021 overwatch
© Blizzard

Halloween Terror

If you’re looking to add some fresh frights to your Overwatch wardrobe, the 2021 Halloween Terror event has exactly what you need. Along with the return of the Junkenstein’s Revenge mode, the update adds an IT-style clown skin for Roadhog, a Draugr skin for Reinhardt, a vampire countess skin for Brigitte, and a Vampire Bat skin for Echo. Sure to prove both stylish and scary. Learn more here.

Pokémon Unite

Halloween Festival

You'll soon be able to terrify your opponents with more than just skills in Pokémon Unite. The Halloween Festival update, running October 20 to November 7 adds a range of seasonal cosmetic gear for both trainers and Pokémon. Included are Pumpkin backpacks, mysterious cape design for Lucario, and a Charizard with a scarf and beanie who looks ready to rock up at his local coffee shop for a Pumpkin-spiced latte. There's a limited-time mode to enjoy, and players will be able to grab the latest Pokémon addition: tricksy squirrel Greedent.

Rocket League

Haunted Hallows

Bats are a staple of Halloween celebrations, but Batman? He usually only shows up as a budget outfit at parties. Rocket League is definitely getting involved in dress up this year, as the Haunted Hallows event sees a wealth of Batman-themed content added to the game. Gotham Park is the new stadium, and three takes on the Batmobile are available to purchase from the shop. The event includes a selection of challenges players can complete to spend on rewards relating to the event.

Sea of Thieves

Fury of the Damned

Running until November 7, Sea of Thieves’ Fury of the Damned event demands you take on Skeleton camps and hordes to impress the Bilge Rats. Complete enough tasks and you can earn spooky cosmetic rewards for yourself, your ship, and your pets. Don’t forget to celebrate the Ferryman during the month as well!



Even the sci-fi portal-acked arenas of Splitgate are joining in with that frightful feeling. Splitgate's Spookygate update adds an unsettling new arena to the game, dominated by a gigantic, flaming pumpkin head in the center. The update is now live for a "limited time" on all platforms. Cosmetics are also available and, you guessed it, they're also pumpkin themed.

Want to compare the 2021 Halloween events in gaming shape up to last year’s offerings? Here’s our roundup from a year ago. Have fun and stay scared out there!

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