How to manual in OlliOlli World

Learning how to manual in OlliOlli World will let you string tricks together like a champ.

The sidescrolling skateboard action of OlliOlli World is packed to the brim with tricks many people much cooler than us would refer to as “gnarly” and or “rad.” But if you’re aiming for high scores, you’ll need to string the game’s advanced tricks together with something far more humble: the Manual. It’s important that you learn how to manual in OlliOlli World early on, as it’s the path to high scores. Fortunately, it’s very straightforward, and we can teach you how in a matter of minutes.

How to manual in OlliOlli World

How to manual olliolliworld
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To manual in OlliOlli World, you just need to press the Push button and tilt the left analog stick to the left or right just as you land from airtime onto the ground. You’ll perform a better manual if you time it precisely as you land, but you risk messing up if you press it too late. By default, the Push button will be the bottom one on your given controller. Here’s what you need to press to manual on each platform:

  • Switch: B Button
  • Xbox: A Button
  • PlayStation: X Button

You’ll see your character tilt their board forwards or backwards and start adding score. Release the You can only perform three manuals in a given trick run, so don’t try to rely on them too much or you’ll crash out. You’ll reset your manual “balance” any time you grind on a rail or wallride, allowing you to space in manuals once again.

That’s all there is to know about how to manual in OlliOlli World. It’s a crucial skill, so make sure you practice it early if you want to earn big points later. We’ve got the full controls for the game listed here, along with inputs for special tricks and advanced tricks in case you want to keep them handy as you play.

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