Sniper Elite 5 Mission 2 Kill Challenge: Friedrich Kummler

Learn how to kill Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5 to complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 2: Occupied Residence.

In Mission 2: Occupied Residence, your Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge target is Friedrich Kummler, an inept leader lurking within the level’s main manor. To complete the Occupied Residence Kill Challenge, you’ll also need to kill Friedrich Kummler with a chandelier. Fortunately, he’ll make that extremely easy if you just stay quiet. In this guide, we’ll explain how to kill Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5 so you can tick another name off your Kill List.

Sniper Elite 5 Kill List: How to kill Friedrich Kummler

Sniper Elite 5 kill list how to kill friedrich kummler
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Friedrich Kummler is located within the large chateau in Mission 2: Occupied Residence. Before you can reach him, you’ll need to progress through the level and cross the large river which separates the chateau region from the rest of the map. 

Stick to the east side and you can reach the chateau most easily by taking out a small squad on the river, then traveling through the underground tunnels and into the moat. If you sneak into the building via the east side of the moat, you can stop by the Rifle Workbench location on your way in.

Whatever your path to the main building, enter on the ground floor and stick to the east wing to find the ballroom as marked above. Friedrich Kummler should be hanging around inside here chatting with a group of other Nazi officers. If you’re on the ground floor, there are plenty of drape-covered instruments to hide by on the south and a raised platform with a wall on the north. Look at him through a scope or binoculars and Fairburne will comment on his target.

Sniper Elite 5 how to kill friedrich kummler
Shoot the chain above the chandelier once Kummler moves to the middle of the room. 
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You can just kill Friedrich Kummler, but look up and you’ll notice a large chandelier in the middle of the room, used for the Mission 2 Kill Challenge. Friedrich will chat to another officer against the wall for a short duration, then walk over to the center of the room, directly under the chandelier. You have two options here:

  1. Once Friedrich stops in the center of the room, shoot the chain holding the chandelier up multiple times. Depending on your weapon of choice, you may need to hit it two or three times to cause it to break. Do this rapidly and it’ll fall down and kill Friedrich Kummler.
  2. By the south entrance to the Ballroom is a spiral staircase. Climb it to enter the upper wing of the ballroom. On the left wall here is a box with the chain holding the chandelier up. Wait for Friedrich to walk to the center of the room, then interact with it to sabotage the chandelier and drop it on your Kill List target.
Sniper Elite 5 kill list friedrich kummler guide
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If you’re aiming to play stealthily, the latter option is best, as it won’t give away your position to everyone in the room/building. Once you successfully kill Friedrich Kummler, remember to loot his body to obtain the key to the main office. That’ll save you from having to climb in through the attic to complete the level.

How to kill friedrich kummler sniper elite 5 kill list
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That’s all we can tell you about how to kill Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5 for the Mission 2 Kill Challenge. If you’re still exploring, you can find all of the Mission 2 Workbenches here. After you’ve completed Occupied Residence, make sure you’ve also taken out Steffen Beckendorf with our guide for Sniper Elite 5’s first mission, The Atlantic Wall.

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