Sniper Elite 5: Spy Academy Workbench locations map

Learn where to find all Mission 3 Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5's Spy Academy level.

Mission 3: Spy Academy is your next stop in Sniper Elite 5, and this time the Workbench locations are very well hidden within a massive complex. It’s far from easy to locate all Spy Academy Workbenches, so we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you out. We’ve mapped out all Mission 3: Spy Academy Workbench locations in Sniper Elite 5 including key directions on how to reach them.

Sniper Elite 5: Spy Academy Workbench locations map

Sniper Elite 5 spy academy workbench locations map
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There are three Workbench locations in Mission 3: Spy Academy, all of which are located in the main island complex. Two can be grabbed on your path toward the central buildings, while the last is extremely well hidden at the back end of the island. You can see the SMG Workbench, Pistol Workbench, and Rifle Workbench locations on the map above, then check below for more detailed instructions of how to find them

Mission 3 SMG Workbench location

Sniper Elite 5 workbench locations SMG Workbench
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Once you’re on the main island, follow the road to the right (east) until you reach a large building walkway which crosses over the top of the road. Just past that on the left you can climb up the wall to find a small doorway on a higher ledge. Enter and you’ll find a path to your right which leads to a resistance stash with a Mission 3 Workbench location just to your right.

Mission 3 Pistol Workbench location

Sniper Elite 5 mission 3 spy academy workbenches
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The next Spy Academy Workbench location in Sniper Elite 5 is in an armory further north toward the central compound. As you head up the main roads, you’ll be able to turn right between the main building and the large buildings to the south. The armory entrance is on the southern side wall here, but you’ll either need a Satchel to blast the door open or the key from the officer lurking near the east entrance to the main compound. Once inside you can grab a bunch of rewards and visit the Pistol Workbench.

Mission 3 Rifle Workbench location

All Spy academy workbenches sniper elite 5 mission 3
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The last Mission 3 Spy Academy Workbench is very well hidden to the north of the main island. You’ll need to head around the west side of the large building to the coastal area north of the rectangular building where the Nazis are practicing for Operation Kraken. 

Once north of the building, turn back to face it and you should find a series of vines climbing up the side at the spot marked. Scale these until you reach the parapets to find the Mission 3 Spy Academy Rifle Workbench under the one section with a roof. You can then open the doorway which links to the east side of the area.

Those are all the Sniper Elite 5 Mission 3 Spy Academy Workbench locations. Ready to move on? Our Mission 4: War Factory Workbench locations guide is here. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to revisit the Mission 1 The Atlantic Wall Workbenches and the Mission 2: Occupied Residence Workbenches so you can ensure you’ve grabbed all the weapon customization options available.

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