Stray: Factory battery puzzle guide

Learn how to solve the battery puzzle in Stray so you can steal NECO Corps' power!

Once you’ve snuck through the factory in Stray, you’ll tasked with completing a battery puzzle that involves maneuvering hover crates around a room to activate panels on the floor. The order of activation is important, so in this guide we’ll explain the Stray Factory battery puzzle solution, showing you step by step how to activate the panels so that you can get the battery from the center of the room.

Stray: factory battery puzzle guide

Stray factory battery puzzle guide
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In order to complete the Stray factory puzzle, you need to get three objects on the red floor panels placed around the center of the room at the same time. However, at the start, you won’t have everything you need.

Factory puzzle stray how to get the battery
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First, activate the box within the room and lead it over to the chain link fence on one side. Deactivate the box once it’s close to the fence, then hop on top and use it to jump up and over the fence to reach the crate inside. Pull the lever here to open the gate, then lead the new box from within out into the main room.

Stray how to solve the factory battery puzzle
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Next position the two boxes to sit on top of the floor panels which are on opposite sides of the central mechanism. You’ll need to activate them, then deactivate them once they’re in the right place. This will raise up the glass in the central pillar, creating a gap.

You can now roll the barrel you used to enter the room through that gap and onto the final button. This, finally, will lower the container holding the battery. Make sure the barrel stays on the floor switch, hop out, and collect your prize.

That’s all we can teach you about how to solve the factory battery puzzle in stray, but once you’re done shifting those boxes, you’ll have opened up opportunities for a few more memory locations. Here’s our full Stray memories guide to help you track them all down.

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