Stray memories locations guide

Learn where to find all memories in Stray across the Slums, Midtown and beyond with our memory locations guide.

In Stray, memories are the main collectible, and you’ll find them across the entire length of the game’s story. There are 22 Stray memory locations to discover in total, and many require exploring off the beaten path. In this guide we’ll teach you where to find all memories in Stray so you can complete the set and unlock a unique outfit.

Stray memories locations

stray memories locations guide
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We’ve split our guide by location, to let you know which memories appear in each area and how to collect them all as you progress though. Be warned, then, that the Stray memories locations below include spoilers for all areas of Stray. We also haven’t included the main memories indicated by the larger chunks, as these will be collected automatically as you progress through the story.

Stray memories - The Slums

Our Slums memories directions all start from the Elevator where the Guardian stands, as it’s a key point of reference within the zone. There are seven Stray memories to find in total here. We’ve done our best to provide directions for how to reach each memory from there unless it’s in a common spot you’ll need to visit plenty of times for the story. Don’t worry if you’re getting tired of hunting, as you’ll return to the Slums two more times before leaving for good.

Memory 1 location

Stray memories the slums guide
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The first Stray memory location is on top of the building on your left when facing away from the elevator. The easiest way to reach it is to scale the boxes up to the red vending machine on the wall left of the stairs.

Stray memory locations guide 1
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Scale the ventilation and platforms to reach the roof at the end of the pulley track. From there, jump onto the higher roof sections on your left to find a dead robot lying by a sign with the memory.

Memory 2 location

stray memory locations guide 2
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The Slums memory two is an item hidden at the baterman’s stall. You’ll need to collect three energy drinks from vending machines and purchase the ??? item. You can find all energy drink locations in our guide here. Trade them for the item and it’ll reveal the image from the memory, allowing you to access it.

Memory 3 location

Stray memory locations 3
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Memory three is inside the pool table above the bar. Facing away from the Guardian, travel down the stairs ahead and turn left. Turn right at the top of the stairs here and jump into the beaded window to arrive in the upper bar room with a pool table. The memory is on the wall with the hanging glasses.

Memory 4 location

Stray all memories guide 4
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The next of the Stray Memories is found in Momo’s house. You’ll be directed there after speaking with the Guardian, but it’s up and right when facing away from the elevator. Climb up the roof near the paint throwing kids you need to disrupt for the Super Spirit Detergent and up to the orange sign. After speaking with Momo, go to the bed behind the hanging bead curtain. The memory is on a poster on the wall

Memory 5 location

All memory locations stray 5
© BlueTwelve

This Stray memory is in the lower streets at the back level of the slums. Head down the stairs from the elevator and turn right. Follow this street along past the laundrette for the Super Spirit Detergent and to the very end. To find the memory at the graffiti on the wall. There’s also a vending machine here where you can grab an energy drink.

Memory 6 location

Stray Memory locations
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Facing away from the elevator, turn right and head and down the stairs toward the musician Morusque and the Slums safe (find the Safe code solution here). In the street to the left of the musician you can see a mural higher up the wall.

stray all memory locations guide
© BlueTwelve

From there, it's an easy climb up the bins and corrugated roof overhangs to reach the memory location.

Memory 7 location

Stray memories locations guide memory 7
© BlueTwelve

This memory location is inside Elliot’s repair shop at the back left of the slums. Follow the lower streets to reach Grandma’s shop. From here look for two robots sitting on the ground in shawls. Next to them is a door you can interact with. Scratch it to have a robot let you inside.

Stray all memories guide 7
© BlueTwelve

There’s a Music Sheet you should grab ahead, but then head upstairs. The memory is from a plant growing up out of a toilet bowl on the wall. 

Those are all of the Slums memories in Stray, but if you’re looking to help Elliot out by finding him something warm, we have a guide for that here.

Stray memories - Rooftops

stray memories rooftops
© BlueTwelve

The Rooftops is a pretty linear section, and the two Stray memories here are thankfully mostly on the direct path, making them easy enough to find.

Memory 8 location

Stray memories locations rooftops 8
© BlueTwelve

After you jump across a beam to avoid the second group of Zurks in the Rooftops, you can jump forwards a few times to reach a ledge with the broken sign from the memory. Don’t jump up onto the bar above the edge of the ledge or it will swing around, locking you out from the memory (you can reload to try again).

Memory 9 location

stray memories locations guide rooftops memory 9
© BlueTwelve

The next Stray memory location is reached when climbing up levels on the tower to the transmitter and solving puzzles with door hacks to avoid the Zurks. You’ll get to a level with a hackable door and a group of Zurks in a fenced chamber with a barrel you need to roll.

all memories stray guide 9
© BlueTwelve

Before you hack the door to let them out, head beyond the Zurks to the red region with the Neco sign. The memory is just beyond a small jump.

Stray memories in Dead End

Stray all memory locations dead end
© BlueTwelve

Dead End is another fairly linear section you’ll reach after leaving the Slums for the second time. Its three memories aren’t too hard to find, but a few will require you to explore corners you might not think to. As ever we’ve included pictures of each of the Stray Memories so you know where to look.

Memory 10 location

Stray memory locations dead end 10
© BlueTwelve

After Seamus lets you into a new area from the Slums with the tracker, follow the path forwards and turn left at the first junction. The memory is at the shut roller door at the wall.

Memory 11 location

all memory locations stray dead end 11
© BlueTwelve

After you ride on (and fall off) a cart while running from Zurks, you’ll need to climb some pipes near an overturned car. Up top, the path goes left or straight on to a chain-link fence.

all stray memory locations 11 dead end
© BlueTwelve

There’s a gap in the fence ahead you can slip under to reach a small wooden boardwalk which has the memory location on your right.

Memory 12 location

stray memories locations guide 12
© BlueTwelve

The next of the Stray memories is inside Doc’s house. It’s by the mannequin with the bucket on its head, so make sure you take a look at that before you head back outside.

Stray memories - the Sewers

all stray memory locations the sewers
© BlueTwelve

After you leave the Slums for the last time, you’ll enter the Sewers. This is a pretty hostile environment filled with Zurks, and the memories are much easier to miss than in the last two linear segments. Here’s where to find all Stray memories in the Sewers.

Memory 13 location

Stray memory locations the sewers 13
© BlueTwelve

After you pass through the large door and leave Momo behind, you’ll reach a passageway with pulsing Zurk sacks on the walls. You can split left here to a path with several sacks on the floor. Burst them by running close or using UV and kill the Zurks they spawn.

Stray Memory locations the sewers 13 2
© BlueTwelve

Jump up into the tube on the wall to the left behind them and eventually you’ll reach a large open chamber with the memory. Hop on the railing to activate it.

Memory 14 location

All stray memories the sewers 14
© BlueTwelve

A short while after you first encounter the eye growths which see you fighting/running from Zurks which spawn as rumbles shake the area, you’ll drop out of a hole onto a large pipe in a narrow corridor.

All Stray memory locations the sewers 14
© BlueTwelve

Rather than turning right, go left and hop across to the smaller pipe on the opposite wall. Follow this path, dropping and then jumping up and into the large pipe.

Stray memories guide 14
© BlueTwelve

Eventually you'll enter the center of a drum room with pipes and ladder and an infestation of the eye-growth that streaks down the center. Approach the ring to collect this Stray memory.

Stray memories in Antvillage

Stray memories antvillage
© Blue Twelve

The welcoming town of Antvillage only contains one memory location to discover, though you’ll need to wait a little bit to access it as B-12 will be despondent for a time. While you’re in the area, make sure you also find the Plant locations to secure one of the game’s Badges.

Memory 15 location

Stray all memory locations antvillage
© BlueTwelve

Once B-12 is up and running again, follow the level with the two mahjong players around until you pass a ladder and reach a couch with a sleeping robot called Isaac. The memory is on the wall to the right of the couch and yellow barrel.

Stray memories in Midtown

Midtown is the next large environment and home to six Stray memories. They’re much better hidden than those in the Slums, so follow the steps below to discover all the memory locations before you move on.

Memory 16 location

Stray midtown memory locations 16
© BlueTwelve

After you come up from the subway station, you’ll be in a reflection-heavy square. Turn right to see a single companion bot sitting next to a bookshelf behind a chain-link fence. Approach the bookshelf in this alcove for the memory location

Memory 17 location

Stray memory locations guide 17
© BlueTwelve

As you head into the first main street of Midtown, wait for the turning on your right into a darker alley lit by a red neon ramen sign. It’s just after the store with the safe (grab the solution from our safe code and door digicodes guide) and Cat Badge. Around the corner in this alleyway is a Companion with a cone on its head sweeping the floor. 

stray midtown memory locations guide 17
© BlueTwelve

Jump up the vblue veranda on the right side of this street and then continue climbing the vents to get higher and further down the street.

stray midtown memory locations 17
© BlueTwelve

You'll climb up to reach a flat level on which you can turn right to see the graffiti-covered memory location in Midtown.

Memory 18 location

Memory 18 stray guide
© BlueTwelve

Close to the central circle of Midtown with the large projection of the companion is a barbershop you can hop into beside an alley. It’s quite well hidden, so look for the place shown above. 

Stray memory locations guide 18
© BlueTwelve

You need to jump up on the sofa and then shelves inside to reach the upper level at the back which holds the memory.

Memory 19 location

all midtown memories stray memory 19
© BlueTwelve

The next of the Stray memories is also close to the central Midtown circle with the large projection of the companion. Look for the restaurant with tables and two robots lounging outside. The 19th memory location is inside the ceiling of this restaurant.

Stray all midtown memory locations 19
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Enter the restaurant and inside you can jump up and onto the counter, then up onto the wall behind the chef robot. Look up and you can jump up through the broken ceiling. The memory is against one of the walls in this confined space.

Memory 20 location

stray memories guide memory 20 midtown
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Stray memory 20 can’t be collected until after you’ve stolen the battery from the factory in Midtown. Once you’re back in the area, you’ll find that the police station door is now open in the main square.

Stray memory 20 guide midtown
© BlueTwelve

Run inside throguh the door on the left and jump up on the back counter to inspect the picture of the sentinel for this Memory location.

Memory 21 location

Stray memory locations 21 midtown
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The penultimate one of the Stray memories is within the nightclub of Midtown. This can’t be collected until after you steal the battery and solve Clementine’s puzzle. Once you’re inside the nightclub, jump on the back of the bar.

Stray all memories 21 midtown
© BlueTwelve

Walk inside the cube shape and it’ll lower you down in a dumb waiter to a hidden room with the memory location on a table in its center.

Stray memories in the Prison

The Prison is the last section in which you’ll be able to collect memories, and only after you’ve rescued B-12 to speak with them again. There’s only one memory location to find here, and it should complete all but the final main memory – don’t worry, you’ll get that as part of the story, shortly.

Memory 22 location

stray memories locations guide prison
© BlueTwelve

After you free Clementine and B-12, you'll be asked to distract a Sentinel and lock it in a room. Do that and Clementine will move forward through the yard. Turn right while in the central section to find the last memory location by a robot lying on the ground.

Those are all the Stray memory locations. Now that you know where to find all Stray memories, you might also like to track down all badges in the game as well! They’ll display neatly on your reward for collecting all the memories thus far.

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