Stray: All safe codes and door digicodes

A full list of door and safe codes in Stray along with directions to where each digicode solution can be found.

As you explore the dilapidated streets in Stray you’ll come across a few Safes and doors to unlock with digicodes. In this guide we’ll take you through all door digicodes and safe codes in Stray. We’ve also included explanations for how to find the Stray safe codes and digicodes for yourself in case you’d rather not spoil the surprise.

Stray safe codes and door digicodes

Stray Safe codes door digicodes guide
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There are actually only two safe codes in Stray that you’ll have to find, though there are several more safes to unlock through other means. We’ll explain all of them below, codes or not.

Stray door digicode - Intro

Stray door digicode solution
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Location: After you wake B-12 during the opening segment of the game, you’ll enter a dark area and B-12 will turn on a torch. Here you’ll need to obtain a door digicode to progress through to the next area.

Door digicode: 3748

All digicodes stray guide

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Solution: Head into the nearby room in the dark and use B-12’s torch to look at the whiteboard above the shelves. For some handy reason the door code is written here for you to use!

Stray safe code - The Slums

Stray safe codes the slums
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Location: The first safe in Stray is found in the streets of the slums. It can be reached from the elevator by facing towards the town and heading right, down the stairs and past Morusque the musician. The Slums safe is on a pile of junk in the street to the left at the end. Inspect it to get the clue “follow the numbers”.

Safe code: 1283

stray all safe codes guide
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Solution: The answer to this code is hidden behind a painting within the bar in the center of the Slums. Jump up on the counter and you can claw at the painting on the wall to the left to knock it down. The code is written on the wall behind.

Open up the safe and you’ll be rewarded with Sheet Music 8/8. Take that to Morusque to enjoy a nice tune! We’ve got a full guide to all Sheet Music here which you can scan through for the rest.

Stray safe code - The Slums Library

All safe codes in Stray guide
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Location: The second safe in The Slums can be found in the library entered via the rooftops at the back right of the Slums. You can reveal the safe in the central corridor of the library by jumping on top of the stacks of books. You’ll need to open it to collect all notebooks in Stray.

Safe code: None - you’ll need the keys instead.

stray safe codes list library
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Solution: The keys to Doc’s safe can also be found within the library. Head to the back right of the room (opposite to where you entered) and jump over the book stacks to read the note left on the bed. You’ll grab the keys to the safe with them. While you’re there, be sure to also collect the sheet music on the piano.

Stray Door Digicode - Seamus’ house

stray digicodes list seamus house time will tell
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Location: Once you return to the slums and are let into Seamus’ house to find Doc’s secret lab, you’ll need to solve a new puzzle to obtain the Stray door digicode to access the hidden room. Claw at the paintings around the surfaces in here to reveal the clue “time will tell”

Door digicode: 2511

All digicodes in stray seamus house door code
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Solution: The clue should point you to the clocks up on the wall behind Seamus. Ignore the fact that they appear to have 16 hours on them and instead take note of the digits the short hands point towards. Enter this into the digicode reader to access the room and find the Broken Tracker. To repair that, follow the steps in our Tracker guide which will take you through obtaining the Electric Cable and Poncho!

Stray safe code - Midtown

Stray safe codes guide midtown safe
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Location: The last of the Stray safe codes you’ll need is within the main street of Midtown. After you leave the subway station and turn right to reach a busy street past the Companion being arrested, keep an eye out for the store on the right with a green sign. There will be a customer complaining outside, speaking to a staff member who has shut down due to low battery. Jump on and over the counter and you can find the safe on the top of the shelves at the back of the store.

Safe code:8542

Midtown safe code stray guide
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Solution: The safe code here is written on the back of the shelves directly behind the store counter. The message is written backwards, however, indicating that you need to enter the code backwards to how it’s listed as well. Hop up on the shelves and enter the safe code to receive the Cat Badge as a reward. Want to collect the full set? We have a guide to all Badges in Stray here.

Those are all the safe codes and Stray digicodes. The full kitty-cat completionists out there should also be sure to check out our guide to all Memories in Stray so you can unlock an extra outfit.

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