How to get all Badges in Stray

Learn where to find all Stray Badges so you can complete the set and unlock a trophy/achievement.

You can earn Badges in Stray by completing various side missions that see you helping out Companions in the different sectors of the city. There are five Badges to get in total, spread across the Slums, Antvillage, and Midtown. In this guide we’ll explain how to get all Badges in Stray so you can complete your collection.

How to get all Badges in Stray

There are five Badges to obtain in Stray, starting with the Music Badge in the Slums. Each one requires you go out of your way to assist a Companion or explore the environment more thoroughly. We’ve covered each Badge below in the order you can obtain them. Be aware that this guide will include some spoilers for locations in Stray.

Music Badge

Stray All badges guide music
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The first Badge you can get in Stray is the Music Badge, earned by giving Morusque all eight pieces of Sheet Music in the Slums. We have a full guide to all Sheet Music locations here, so follow that along if you’re missing any.

How to get all badges STray guide
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You need to give the full set to Morusque so that he plays every tune before you’ll be rewarded with the Badge.

Plant Badge

Stray All Badges plant badge
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The Plant Badge is earned by completing Malo’s request for three colored plants in Antvillage. Follow our guide to all Plant locations in Stray here to grab them all. The Yellow, Red, and Purple plants are all found within the Antvillage area. Once you hand the three over, Malo will thank you and give you the Plant Badge in return.

Cat Badge

Stray badges guide cat badge
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The Cat Badge is hidden within a safe on the main street of Midtown. We have a guide to all safe codes in Stray here, but it’s the shop with a grumpy customer outside complaining to a staff member who has shut down due to low battery.

All badges in Stray guide cat badge
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Hop over the counter and you can find the code written on the back of the shelves within the store. Climb up on top of the shelves to reach the safe at the back of the room. Enter the code and claim the next Stray Badge.

Police Badge

Stray badges guide how to get the police badge
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The Police Badge is one of the easiest to miss as it requires quite a bit of parkour exploration. To access it, you need to scale the vents and surface down the alleyway just to the left of the police station in central Midtown. 

Where to find all badges Stray Guide
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Jump up the vents and pipes on the right side, then continue climbing to the back of the alleyway. Eventually you’ll be able to jump up onto overhanging corrugated sheets near the tops of the buildings. Above the sheets at the end of the alley is a barred window you can jump up and into.

Stray Police Badge Guide
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You’ll land inside a locked cell with a dead robot. Investigate the body to collect the Police Badge in Stray.

Neco Badge

Stray Badges Guide Neco Badge
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The final Stray Badge is found after you infiltrate the Factory to steal the battery. After you dodge between the vision cones of the first few Sentinels, you’ll meet a worker looking for his lost keys. We have a dedicated guide to the Worker keys location here, but you can also follow the steps below.

How to get all badges in stray neco badge
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In the next room is a sequence where you need to hide behind crates of garbage which are hanging from a rail above. Use their shadows to reach the end of that room where yo ucan jump down onto barrels in water. Instead of going straight on, jump to the barrels on your right. You’ll be able to pick up the keys from the pile of waste in the corner.

Stray all badges guide
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You then need to run back to the Worker in the previous room. Use the shadows again and dash through the remaining gaps in Sentinel vision to avoid being shot. Hide in a box if you need to escape. Hand the keys over to the worker and he’ll give you the Neco Badge as a reward.

That completes our Stray Badges guide. Now that you know how to get all Badges in Stray, you might want to complete some of the other challenges like tracking down all Memories in the game.

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