Stray: Sheet Music locations guide

Learn where to find all Sheet Music in Stray so you can enjoy tunes from Morusque and unlock the Music Badge.

In the Slums of Stray are eight Sheet Music pieces you can collect to give to Morusque the musician. Hand them all over and you’ll get to enjoy some fine tunes and secure yourself the Music Badge. If you’re after all Stray Sheet Music locations, we can help. In this guide we’ll explain where to find all Sheet Music in Stray, with images and directions for each.

Stray: Sheet Music locations guide

Stray sheet music locations guide all sheet musics
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There are eight Sheet Music pieces located in the Slums, all of which can be obtained the first time you visit the area. We’ll take you through all Sheet Music locations below, with instructions for how to reach them.

Sheet Music 1/8 location

Where to find all sheet music stray sheet music locations guide
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The first of the Stray Sheet Music pieces is found in Momo’s flat. You’ll be directed there by the Guardian after you arrive in the Slums proper. Clamber up to the place with the orange neon sign and inside the room you’ll find a door to the left with bars, close to a wall you can scratch and a locked door. 

Where to find sheet music stray guide sheet music 1
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You can slip between the bars at the bottom of the door to enter a dark room filled with boxes. Jump up on the box to the right inside to grab Sheet Music 1/8 from the shelf.

Sheet Music 2/8 location

Stray Where to find all sheet music guide 2
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After you visit Momo the first time, you’ll be directed to a house on the opposite side of the slums with an Outsiders symbol painted on the wall of it (it’s on the left side of the slums when facing away from the elevator). Climb over to the roof near the entrance, but don’t go inside. 

Instead, you want to climb to the balcony up and to the right of the Outsiders building. There’s a table with a couple of plastic chairs on the balcony here. The Sheet Music location is on top of the table. If you want to jump ahead, you can also find Sheet Music 6/8 inside the Outsider’s house.

Sheet Music 3/8 location

Stray sheet music guide 3/8
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The next of the Stray Sheet Music parts can be found within Elliot’s repair store. To reach it, head to the back left corner of the Slums on the street level. Close to Grandma’s clothes store are two robots in shawls sitting on the floor. Beside them is a door with a sign you can read and a prompt to scratch. 

All Sheet Music Stray Guide
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Scratch the door and after a short delay, a robot will open it slightly. Walk inside past his legs and you can find Sheet Music 3/8 location directly ahead, stuck on the side of a large painting inside the lower level room. While you're here, make sure you also know how to work on the quest to get Elliot some warmer clothing -- you'll need his help later.

Sheet Music 4/8 location

Stray Sheet music locations guide
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Sheet Music 4/8 is sold by the Barterman Azooz to the right of the elevator. You’ll need one Energy Drink to trade for it (as well as the hidden Memory here), so check our guide to all Energy Drink locations in Stray to learn where to grab them from. 

Sheet Music 5/8 location

Stray Sheet Music guide locations
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The Stray Sheet Music 5/8 location is within the bar in the center of the Slums. Enter and head upstairs to the level with the pool table. Beside the pool table are a number of bar seats and tables against the wall. Hop on the middle table to find the Sheet Music location.

Sheet Music 6/8 location

Stray Sheet music locations guide 3/8
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Sheet Music 6/8 is inside the Outsider home on the opposite side of the Slums to Momo’s. You’ll need to head up onto the rooftops and look for the large spraypainted blue and white Outsiders mark (a sad face). It’s the same place you can find Clementine’s Notebook

Stray All sheet music guide
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The Sheet Music is just beyond the sliding door inside the room. Slip through the broken panel and look to your right, just beside the bed. The Sheet Music location is on top of some books on the second level of the shelves there.

Sheet Music 7/8 location

Stray all sheet music locations 7
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You can find Sheet Music 7/8 within the library, another Outsider home you need to visit to find Doc’s Notebook It’s at the back of the Slums (opposite the elevator end), accessed via the rooftops. Look for the glowing blue neon Outsiders logo and limb up to the balcony to slip in through a gap.

Stray sheet music locations guide 7
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Inside you need to look for the piano in the center of the room, close to a dead robot. Jump up on the keys to grab the Stray Sheet Music from its place propped up on the piano. There's also a nap spot up on the ledge above the robot.

Sheet Music 8/8 location

Stray sheet music locations guide 8
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The last of the Stray Sheet Music locations is locked within a safe on the street level of the Slums. To reach the safe, start at the elevator, facing away toward the slums. Head directly right, down towards Morusque the musician and the Energy Drink vending machine. Pass him and keep on going to the shut Sewers entrance and look left.

All sheet music locations guide stray sheet music 8
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The safe is sitting amid a pile of rubbish. You can inspect it with B-12 who’ll give you a hint to “follow the numbers”. We have a dedicated guide to the safe code, but the short answer is that it’s hidden behind a painting in the bar. Enter the numbers 1283 to unlock the safe and uncover the Sheet Music 8/8 location. For more safe and door codes solutions, check out our full list of digicodes in Stray.

Stray all sheet music locations guide reward
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Once you find all Sheet Music locations in Stray, take the items to Morusque and hand them over. He’ll play a different tune for each one, and it’s a great time to take a nap on the cushion beside him. After you hand over the last Sheet Music, Morusque will congratulate you and give you the Music Badge. If you want the next badge you'll need to take on the hunt for plants when you reach Antvillage. Follow our Stray Plant locations guide here for help! For more Stray guides in the Slums, check out our Super Spirit Detergent location guide as well!

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