Stray: How to repair the Tracker

Learn how to use Electric Cable, help Elliot with a blanket, and repair the broken tracker in Stray.

In the Slums of Stray is a lengthy trading quest that sees you swapping items like Electric Cable and a Poncho and favors between different residents for an end goal of repairing the Broken Tracker. You can collect the Electric Cable from the barterman early, however, and complete all the steps well before you actually need to for the mission. 

Whether you’re wondering how to use Electric Cable, how to warm Elliot with a blanket, or are starting from scratch to Repair the Broken Tracker for Seamus, we’ve put together a step by step guide for the entire sequence below.

Stray: How to repair the Tracker

To repair the Broken Tracker in Stray, you need to obtain a series of items including the Super Spirit Detergent, Electric Cable, and Poncho. We’ve covered the steps for each of them below so you can run through the full sequence. It alls begins with trading Super Spirit Detergent to Barterman Azooz for Electric cable.

How to get Super Spirit Detergent

Stray how to repair the tracker super spirit detergent
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Super Spirit Detergent is obtained from the laundrette on the right side of the slums streets. We have a dedicated guide for where to find the Super Spirit Detergent here, but the short summary is that you need to distract the paint-throwing robots on top of the laundrette wit ha well-timed meow. Do that and you can gain access to the laundrette and grab the detergent.

Stray how to use electric cable
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Once you have the Super Spirit Detergent, take it to Barterman Azooz down the steps to the right of the elevator and you can trade it for Electric Cable

How to use Electric Cable

How to use electric cable stray
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Electric Cable can be given to Grandma as the back left of the Slums to obtain a Poncho in return. To reach grandma, head away from the Elevator and stick to the left side of the Slums. You’ll head down stairs into an area lit by reddy orange light. Grandma’s clothes store is at the back of the area, at the lowest point. Speak with her and show her the Electric Cable to have her make you a Poncho.

How to get a blanket for Elliot

Stray Elliot Blanket
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With the Poncho in your possession, you need to make a visit to Elliot’s repair shop. This is extremely close to Grandma. Look down the streets beside Grandma for the two robots sitting in shawls together on the ground. Next to them is a door you can scratch on. Do so and a robot will open the door, letting you slip in between their legs. 

Stray Elliot poncho guide

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There’s a Sheet Music to collect straight ahead here, but for this quest you want to head upstairs. Grab the memory location here if you haven’t already, then speak with Elliot, the shivering robot sitting at the computers.

Stray where to find blanket for elliot
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He’s looking for a blanket, so show him the Poncho to keep him warm. Elliot will don it and thank you, offering to repair anything you need in return. You can also open a shortcut into the building by clawing at the blind in the room.

How to repair the Tracker

Stray how to repair the tracker
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Provided you’ve completed the steps listed above, you’ll be able to take the Broken Tracker directly to Elliot when you receive it from Seamus. If you’re only in the Slums for the first time, you’ll need to wait a while before this story step becomes essential. After Elliot repairs the Tracker, return to Seamus and you can continue the main story of Stray.

That’s everything you need to know about the Electric Cable, Elliot, and the Poncho. Before you leave the Slums proper, make sure you’ve collected all the Energy Drinks and found the Sheet Music to give to Morusque.

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