Stray: Super Spirit Detergent location

Learn where to find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray so you can trade it for Electric Cable at the Barterman's shop.

To grab the Electric Cable from the Barterman’s market in the Slums you need to get Super Spirit Detergent in Stray. This key item requires a few steps to secure, so in this guide we’ll explain where to find the Super Spirit Detergent location in Stray and walk you through the steps required to obtain it.

Stray Super Spirit Detergent location

Stray super spirit detergent location guide - image of the cat standing at the stairs down to the main slums. An arrow points to the right
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The Super Spirit Detergent location is within the laundry store on the ground floor streets of the Slums. Starting from the elevator, you can reach the laundry store by heading down the stairs directly ahead and turning right.  

As you round a corner to your left, you’ll find a door under a light which you can scratch. There should be a neon sign about Super Spirit on the wall next to it. Scratching the door will see the robot inside complain about the robots throwing paint cans on the rooftop above – that’s your clue as to how you can get the door open.

Stray where to find super spirit detergent - image of the cat in front of the door with a message complaining about paint being spilled outside the store
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Climb up the nearby vents and piping to reach the roof above the laundry. Here you’ll find a robot tossing paint cans to his friend across the other side of the street. Approach and you’ll be prompted to sit and press the Meow button at the right time to distract him. When the icon lights up, press the button and meow to cause him to fumble the throw or catch. 

Stray super spirit detergent location guide - the cat waits net to two robots throwing paint cans between rooftops. A meow prompt is visible
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The paint can will be dropped below, raising the ire of the laundry store owner once again. They’ll come out to clean up, leaving the door open behind them.

Super Spirit Detergent location stray guide - an image of the cat on a table with a prompt to pick up a bottle of super spirit detergent
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Return to the ground and enter the door of the laundry room, ignoring the grumpy glare of the robot cleaning up. You can find the Super Spirit Detergent location on the desk to your left as you enter. Jump up and you can grab it from beside the cardboard box.

Where to find super spirit detergent stray electric cable guide
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Return to the Baterman and you can trade the Super Spirit Detergent for Electric Cable, a key item used in the quest to get Elliot some warm clothing and repair the Tracker. We have a full guide to that here if you want to follow it further. While you’re in the Slums, make sure you’ve also checked our guide to all Energy Drink locations and our Sheet Music locations guide so you can wrap up everything in the area.

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