Stray: Energy Drink locations

Learn where to find all Energy Drink locations in Stray with our guide to the vending machines in the Slums.

Enter the Slums in Stray and you’ll find you can trade Energy Drink Cans to obtain key items from the Barterman near the elevator. If you’re looking to find all Energy Drink locations in Stray, you’ll need to search high and low, but we can help. Our Stray Energy Drink locations guide will help you find all Vending Machines that output the useful goods.

Stray: Energy Drink locations

Stray Energy Drink Locations guide - an image of the cat at a merchant stall looking at a covered item. The merchant asks for three energy drink cans
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Energy Drinks in Stray are obtained from Vending Machines – but only Vending Machines that have cans in them. Find one and you can interact with it to paw the numpad and drop out a single can. There are four Energy Drinks to be found in the Slums, all of which are gained from vending machine locations. Below, we’ve explained where to find Energy Drinks in Stray, with directions from the elevator where the Guardian is stationed.

Energy Drink / Vending Machine location #1

Stray energy drink locations vending machines guide - An image of the stray cat in front of two vending machines. It looks down at an energy drink with the message Take Energy Drink Speed 2K visible
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Starting from the elevator and facing away, towards the Slums, head right (opposite from the barterman) and down the stairs. On the wall to your right here will be two Vending Machines, one of which can be interacted with to spit out an Energy Drink. Make sure you pick it up before you move on!

Energy Drink / Vending Machine location #2

Stray All Energy Drinks guide 2 - an image of the cat standing on the steps down to the center of the slums. A large arrow points to the right path
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The second Energy Drink location is on a vending machine along the back streets of the Slums. Starting from the elevator, head down the stairs directly ahead and turn right, towards the laundry store which contains the Super Spirit Detergent.

Stray vending machine locations guide - an image of the player cat sitting in front of a vending machine with graffiti on the wall which reads RIP humans
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Follow this street to its end to reach a wall with the “RIP Humans” graffiti memory location on it. The vending machine and Energy Drink location is just to the left of the graffiti. Interact with the machine and the second can will pop out for you to collect.

Energy Drink / Vending Machine location #3

Stray energy drink locations guide vending machines - an iomage of the cat on a rooftop, looking across buildings to a roof with a vending machine on. An arrow points to the machine
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The next Energy Drink to find in Stray is up on the rooftops, at the back of the middle line of buildings, close to the library. Start from the elevator and make your way up to the rooftops – you can jump up the vents and surfaces close to the laundry services mentioned in the previous location, or elsewhere. Head away from the elevator, to the back end of the Slums that you originally entered from, staying on the rooftops the entire time. 

All energy drink locations in Stray guide - an image of the cat in front of a vending machine on the roof a prompt to press triangle is on the machine's numpad
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At the back of the central block of buildings is a rooftop with a stack of cans and a sitting older robot called Heptor who has a flat cap and cane. From here, look towards the back of the slums (away from the elevator) and you should be able to see the vending machine location below a string of dangling lights. It’s very close to the entrance to the library with one of the notebooks.

Energy Drink / Vending Machine location #4

Stray Energy Drink locations guide all vending machines - an image of the cat sitting in front of a robot with a cap. An arrow points to the robot with the name Heptor
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The final Stray Energy Drink / vending machine location is by far the easiest to miss. To reach it, return to the rooftop with Heptor on at the back of the slums (the far end from the elevator), just like you did for the third Energy Drink. 

Look for the large stack of metal kegs on this roof surface. Next to them is a very narrow alleyway below. Looking down into it, you should be able to see the vending machine on an intermediate balcony level.

Energy Drink locations stray guide - an image of the cat standing looking down into a narrow alley from above. A vending machine is visible on a balcony, with an arrow pointing to it
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To reach this Energy Drink location, you need to look down and jump onto the wooden beams which span the divide between the buildings. Drop to the first, then the second close to the balcony, then hop onto the metal railing around the machine. You can then interact with the vending machine to secure the last Energy Drink.

Once you find all the Energy Drinks in Stray, you can head over to the Barterman to the right of the elevator to trade them for one of the eight Sheet Music pieces (read our full Stray Sheet Music guide here) and one of the Slums Memories. While you’re in the area, make sure you also know how to use the Electric Cable to get Elliot the Poncho so you’re purr-pared for the next step in your feline adventure.

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