You've got 48 hours to grab adorable MapleStory 3D keycaps

Fungi for your fingertips.

Get ready for a rare spawn, because HyperX’s next 3D-printed color keycaps are now available! The MapleStory Orange Mushoom keycap is available for the next 48 hours, or until stocks last.

If you're interested in the latest HX3D custom keycaps, you'll need to move fast. As with the preivous collection, they're only available for a limited time. If you want to personalize your game spawn with the adorable MapleStory Orange Mushroom, head over to the HyperX store page now.

HyperX maplestory orange mushroom keycap
© HyperX

The Orange Mushroom keycap will be on sale from 9am PT on March 17th through to 9am PT on March 19th for $19.99. But as with all of our keycap sales, if the limited supplies sell out before then, we’re afraid you’ll be out of luck.

The new keycap, announced as part of HyperX’s Loot Drop III celebrations, comes thanks to a partnership between HyperX’s 3D printing team and the beloved pixel-art MMORPG MapleStory. Whether you’re looking show your love of the game or just want a cute reminder of how much mycorrhizal networks offer our real-world ecosystems, the iconic Orange Mushroom will be there with a cheeky smile to your keyboard.

Not sure if your board will support a custom design? HyperX’s 3D-printed keycaps will slot on perfectly to any HyperX (and most other) mechanical gaming keyboards. Once he’s installed, all you need to do is give him a boop on the head to help him hop on his way. Find out more about using custom keycaps on your keyboard here.

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